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key fob

  1. K

    Key Fob (additional) - eBay?

    I have a new to me 2014 (12/2014) and would like to have a backup fob. I know that the programming has to be done at the Service Center, but if you were to buy one on eBay will they still do it? It looks like you could save $100 or so buying used. If so, does the fob varies for Model S's? Are...
  2. loanchau2k

    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    Well, my wife is a non-tech person. So far, the MY Bluetooth works ok with her iPhone. But I don't know what is the failure rate in the real world. Anyone has connection issues with iPhone please chime in. I do know she can use a card-key in case the Iphone fails. But is worth it to buy $150 to...
  3. M

    Why can my doors open when the key is out of range?

    I'm sure this is a head-smack obvious issue. The other month I leaned against my '13 Model S doors and the handles presented. I figured my wife left a key in the garage. Nope. They keys were on the other side of the house, along with my phone, certainly more than 30 feet away. It's...
  4. S

    Smart Ring Key Fob replacements?

    Has anyone tried these 3rd party Smart Ring Key Fob replacements for the Model 3? I'm sure I'll be pretty content with my Iphone and key card for car entry, but I have to admit that I am intrigued...
  5. T

    Key not in car

    Car does not recognize key fobs
  6. Electric Steve

    Abstract Ocean Key Fob Holder

  7. A

    Does Model S key fob work for Model Y/3?

    I tried to google it but couldn't find an answer/information. Have a loaner Model S with a key fob and am thinking about getting a used Model S key fob to save some money. Does anybody know if a Model S key fob works with 3/Y?
  8. F

    Selling all my M3 accessories

    Hi everybody, Selling all the accessories I bought last year for my M3 that I recently had to get rid of :( Everything is Sep. 2019 or newer. Pickup in Boston strongly preferred, and I'd like to sell everything together (except the tires, I will sell the tires separately). Don't have photos of...
  9. D

    Key Fob Issues

    I took delivery of my X last week. Love it but my key fobs don't work. It's like they are not sync'd to the car. When I press the button though, the headlights flash. I can open the trunk/frunk with the fob but that's it. I have to use the app for everything else. It also occasionally does the...
  10. rogerbohl

    Detector for lost keys fobs?

    After mislaying my key fob, an inquiry found a U-tube post showing how a Tesla car could identify that its keyfob was nearby suggested to me the following: If a Tesla car could recognize the proximity of an authorized key, couldn't a portable device that could identify the presence of a specific...
  11. P

    Key Fob Setup

    Good evening all, I'm a new Model S owner and upon taking delivery, only one key fob was setup. I'm trying to figure out how to setup my wife's key fob with her driver profile. I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual (maybe I'm overlooking it). Also, it seemed strange that the delivery...
  12. A

    Key fob or anything else?

    Hi. I´ve got a ms 2013. The car is no longer unlocking when I get close with the key fob. If I touch the door handle on the driver side, it will not unlock (or the back doors on any side), but if I touch the door handle on the left side it unlocks. Same with the trunk. It aslo unlocks normally...
  13. F

    New Fobs passive entry, old one gets update? [No, not possible]

    Hello fellow 3'ers. Tesla updated their model 3 Car kew fob to now auto open and lock when u walk up to car. My question: anybody know if the original key fob get this feature too? I just bought one a few weeks ago but they were specific that it does not have passive entry. Hoping it gets the...
  14. P

    Can't Lock Keys Inside Vehicle

    I used to be able to leave my keys in the vehicle and then lock it from the app. After locking the vehicle from the app, I wouldn't be able to unlock by tapping the door handles. I could only unlock from the app. I just noticed this is no longer the case. Anyone else notice this? Am I wrong...
  15. J

    WTB Model 3 key fob

    Im looking to buy a model 3 key fob. Please pm me or reply to this post if you have one for sale. Thank you so much
  16. mrfra62

    Openen bestuurdersdeur

    Misschien is het al eens aan de orde geweest maar mijn vraag betreft openen voordeuren. Ik heb een X en mijn keyfob is een leuke kleine X. Knopje frunk opent de frunk. De trunk de achterbak. Twee knopjes voor de falcon wings en bovenop twee keer drukken open en drie keer drukken is dicht en op...
  17. Ryan MF

    Key fob not working after battery replacement

    One of my MX key fobs stopped working this winter and the other key fob had a low battery warning so I went ahead and replaced both batteries. They were more than two years old. After replacing the batteries neither fob worked. I ordered the same type of batteries and tried resetting them a few...
  18. Sprandt23

    Interesting occurance this morning...

    So I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, went to the garage to unplug, and did so as I normally would. Then as I hung the cable back up I realized, wait, I don't have a fob in my pocket. I knew this specifically because I just returned from vacation last night and had put both...
  19. K

    Model 3 Passenger side Key card to unlock car

    Just got me M3 delivered home yesterday. Our car was not marked delivered on the Tesla account, so we were not yet using our phones as a key. Interestingly, the key fob given to us as a key has not been working on the passenger side. Not sure if it should work, or should not. It only seems to...
  20. Gwgan

    Misbehaving charge port, Key fob culprit

    Tldr: funky charge port behavior? Change the fob battery Model Xwas fine last night. Plugged in wall charger this morning at 36% in 50°F garage. Ring lights flashed briefly green then white. Removed unlocked charger and closed the port door manually and also again from the touchscreen but...
  21. M

    Model 3 summon in Canada

    Hi there, First post here on the forum and proud 'co-owner' (wife's car) of a new Model 3. We were somewhat disappointed to learn that creep is not available here in Canada due to the lack of a standalone key fob (otherwise absolutely amazing car). With the most recent software update, I...
  22. K

    Summon via Key Fob outside USA (in Canada)

    There was an article (see link below) that stated Consumer Reports review of the Tesla Summon feature lead Tesla to release a “dead man’s switch” update shortly after. However, many customers expressed their frustrations online, saying the removed ability to summon via key fob severely...
  23. Q

    Model 3 Keyfob coming soon?

    Hi, Has anyone heard any new news on the model 3 keyfob? I also heard that a rumor that existing model 3 owners would be able to request one for free. Just thought I would see if anyone else had any additional information. thanks! Chris
  24. aikisteve

    Tesla called me to ask if I wanted to order new key fobs

    At first Tesla couldn't confirm, but now they've called me to ask whether I wanted to order new key fobs to replace my old ones that have the security flaw. But I would have to pay for them.
  25. P

    How many owners uses a key fob protector?

    Hi all: Just trying to get some idea of how many owners actually uses the key fob protector, either in the home(coffee can) or on them(little pouch or bag). I got two cars that have those keyless keys and haven't really thought of using one yet. It's definitely easy to use but I'd be seriously...
  26. R

    Metal Key fob cover

    Hi guys, I've done some searching and found results on key fob covers but not the metal ones. I got one and it seems to block the signal almost completely. Most of the time it wont work. Has anyone found a way to make the metal key fob cover work or found a particular one that works 100% of the...
  27. WannabeOwner

    Driver seat resets to secondary key fob

    Is this a know issue? thanks. Arrive at, say, Supercharger. Both fobs are in the car, not in my pocket. I get out of drivers seat - to get us both a coffee - and the driver seat changes to secondary key fob setting - i.e. both fobs are in the car but no "weight" on the driver's seat sensor...
  28. H

    Key fob and profile issues

    Hi folks, one annoyance I've had that doesn't seem to be too common according to Tesla customer support involves our key fobs. My wife's works just fine in changing everything (mirrors and seats) to her settings, but when I use my key fob linked to my profile, it refuses to change it. I know...
  29. Californiates

    Tesla model s key fob

    Brand New never used 70$ Shipped 1 key. 2 keys 120$ (718)9163315 Paul
  30. E

    Shortage of keys?

    I just took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL in San Francisco and only got 1 key to the car. We're not talking about a rental car here but a $130K+ luxury car! And I am prone to losing keys too... This is what my OA said: I can absolutely understand the frustration, as we have had a few...
  31. JohnnyG

    Summon Failed (from app) - Key Fob Battery Too Low

    I started getting an error yesterday that my Key Fob battery is low. This is preventing me from not only summoning from the Key Fob, but also from the Phone App; and it is also preventing me from using AutoPark via double tapping Park button. I pulled both batteries out of both Key Fobs, and...
  32. Haxster

    Tesla Model S Keyless/Fobless Controller

    My latest Tesla project: In the video, you can also see my dipped wheels, some of the chrome wrap, and my charging cable management scheme.
  33. Haxster

    Why can't smartphones communicate directly with your Tesla?

    Phones have WiFi and Bluetooth. Teslas have WiFi and Bluetooth. Why should smartphones need to go thru the internet (which isn't always available) just to allow keyless entry and driving? Wouldn't it be convenient if your phone or watch virtually replaced the key fob? One less thing to carry.
  34. X

    Keyfob and driver profile with auto unlock after 2.52.120 update

    I am pretty sure when Tesla enabled the functionality to connect a keyfob to a driver's profile, it was working with the auto unlock feature as well. You could just walk close to the car with the keyfob with you, the car would unlock and auto present the handles and when you opened the door, the...
  35. JPP

    Autopia Car Wash Walnut Creek CA--lost key

    I frequent the Autopia Car Wash in Walnut Creek (SF Bay Area). I was there today Sat. 12/24. At the finishing area (where they dry the cars) I saw an abandoned Tesla key. I think it is for an S and is a newer looking key (has the rubber top shell). If you are missing your key and drove off...
  36. K

    App Request - Start Car w/ Fingerprint

    I have found myself using my wife's new model X a lot lately via the app instead of using the key fob. It would be great if Tesla could update their app to allow customers to authorize starting the vehicle without typing in the password each time. It's a pain in the butt if I am going to a few...
  37. D

    Key fob case?

    I picked up my X on Tuesday! I'll give my initial impressions below, but first, the point of this post: I understand the key fob for the X is slightly different than the S. I want to get some kind of case or holder to protect it - but I've searched all over online and can only find a case or...
  38. M

    Falcon Wings open from key fob signal while driving

    First, I want to say that the local Tesla Service guy, Lee Woolley, has been great. But I bought a fully loaded X and took delivery 3 weeks ago and destroyed the drivers side falcon wing door because of an errant signal from the key fob in my pocket while I was exiting my garage for the very...
  39. Maarten

    Keyfob te hacken of niet?

    Op 22 maart in "De Ingenieur": Elektronische sleutels van auto’s zijn te hacken Zie het betreffende artikel. Gaat dus om sleutels die bedoeld zijn voor keyless entry, zoals met de Tesla's. Nu is het in principe met de Model S toch gelukkig wel wat lastiger: de key moet ook in de auto zijn om er...
  40. H

    Possible New Feature for a Future Versions of the Key Fob

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I've recently been running into an issue and I had an idea of a cool way of fixing it. So I thought that if I post it here, maybe it will catch on and become a real thing in the future. The Issue I share my car with my partner, each of us have our...
  41. kushari

    Flexible Keyring for keyfob?

    Since the holes on the keyfob are weird and won't fit a normal keyring, I'm trying to find some of those metal flexible keyrings. I remember ones that kind of look like a slinky. Anyone know where I can find any? I don't like the pouch, takes up too much room. I've found these, but it's not...
  42. X

    Safety feature --- Can I just unlock the driver's door with the key-fob?

    We recently picked up our Model S at the Fremont Factory... Simply an amazing experience... Now that we're getting more familiar with the inner workings of the car, we noticed that the Model S lacks the ability to modify the protocol for opening the doors... Are we missing something? From a...
  43. mspohr

    Husband/Wife Key Fobs and driver profiles?

    Tesla allows different driver profiles to adjust seats, mirrors, etc. I have set up a profile for myself and for my wife. Is there some way that the profile can be triggered with different key fobs? I would like the profile to switch to my settings when I get in the car with "my" key fob and...
  44. tanner

    Model X Key? Door Handles?

    After having placed my Model X reservation yesterday (Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line & Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?! - super excited!!!), a plethora of weird questions pertaining to the upcoming car are starting to gnaw away in the back of my head. First up, the key? Does anyone know if Tesla...
  45. MajesticSound

    I want to take 2nd key fob on trip as a backup. Where can I put it?

  46. pete8314

    Vendor Protect your Key - Leather FobPockets now in Stock!

    I'm happy to announce that our range of leather FobPockets are now in stock. You can choose from brown or black leather, with or without an emboss on the back of a stylized Model S side profile. DIRECT LINK We've really tried to focus on the design of these, and they've been months in...
  47. C

    Roadster Sport: Can anyone describe the procedure for reprogramming a key fob?

    Can anyone describe the procedure for reprogramming a "forgotten" key fob so it can be recognized by the alarm system in the Roadster Sport? I would like to avoid a service visit just to reprogram a "Maytag-ed" key fob. Thank you. cangman
  48. pete8314

    Key Fob Cover (aka FobPocket) - How To Order

    (Updated November 28) I've updated this post with simpler instructions on how to order. There's two versions of the FobPocket, the Classic, and Deluxe. The Classics come in Grey, Black and Red, and can be ordered here. They are the same design I've had since I moved to a more sculpted...

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