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  1. Rosier

    Tesla Key card as an RFID card for charging networks

    I doubt this is a possibility with the Tesla key cards with the Java applet authentications. But, has any of you come across a post or a tweet or something that could say otherwise? It would be a really nice thing to have because you don’t have to carry around an extra RFID card for charging...
  2. T

    re: Key Card functionality after blown pyrofuse

    I purchased a wrecked 2018 M3 with a blown pyrofuse. No airbags were deployed but I think the driver's seatbelt srs module went off. The 12v battery is entirely dead. I contacted the previous owner who said he had a few Tesla key cards but wasn't sure which was for the old Tesla. He was nice...
  3. T

    I have no keycards and phone disconnected ://

    I share this a Model 3 with my boyfriend and I. I lost the first keycard and he broke the 2nd one, he figured it was useless and threw his away (Big freaking mistake).At first we panicked but realized that our phone keys were still connected. My phone is disconnected from my car and driving to...
  4. N

    Keycard cracked, vehicle stuck

    I'm a new Y owner. Got myself into a bind. While car was locked, my keycard was cracked partway through (I was mountain biking...). The keycard is now inoperable. AND there's no cell service where the car is parked. AND I didn't authenticate my phone beforehand. So local Bluetooth won't...
  5. L

    Model 3 Key

    Do the Key cards work on both B Pillars or just the Drivers side? I was under the impression it worked on both sides. Picked up my M3 yesterday and neither key is working on the passenger side. Spoke to two different people at Tesla, one of them told me that this is intended and it shouldn't...
  6. V

    Model 3 - Lost both Keycards

    Model 3 - July 2019 delivery. Lost both Keycards. My iPhone is used to open and drive the car. Now got a new Keycard. When adding it, system is asking for existing Keycard to validate it. My phone doesn’t seem to work for it. What do I do?
  7. B

    Model3 keycard transform to ceramic ring

    Hi,I'm new here and I transform a keycard into a ring, waterproof,made in China. It works well
  8. Kermee

    PSA: We can finally rename, add & delete key cards!

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but just noticed today that as of at least 2018.40.1 (No 42.2 for me yet), I can finally rename, add & delete key cards. I don't remember it being in on 2018.39.7, but maybe it was there and I never went in to check or notice. Maybe it was a part of the...
  9. A

    Car not shifting into gear?

    I've read a few posts, and experienced it myself (last night in fact) where you get into the car, it's on, but won't shift into gear. The first few times it happened, I got out of the car, locked it, re-entered, and then it worked. I feel like a total goofball having to do that. When it...
  10. IonEV

    Touchscreen wake up issue

    The Model 3 would wake up normally with my wife's iPhone. Meaning she walks up to the car, touches the door handle, the car and touchscreen wake up and are ready to go by the time she gets in. When I approach with my Samsung S8+ the car would open but even after buckling my seatbelt the...
  11. P

    Key Card Troubles

    Tapping the Key Card on the center of the pillar or on the cup holders works sometimes, but not every time. And it seems to be getting worse. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone need a replacement card? Is there a trick to make the RFID card more effective? I feel dumb trying to tap my...
  12. gemmisa

    M3 Keycard Holder Solution

    So happy my Mother's Day present came early!!! It's a bit cumbersome to have to dig in my purse to find my wallet with the keycard in it. Now I have this attached to my keychain and it's so much better. With my bright red color, the valet folks won't have a hard time finding my key...
  13. C

    PSA: keycard can scratch the piano-black console

    My wife wasn't sure where to place her keycard, so she tried the piano black portion of the center console. To my horror, it scratched up the console quite a bit. Yes, the keycard. So, don't do that! Or touch it with anything else, for that matter.