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keyless entry

  1. D

    Legacy Model X Key Fob Modification for Keyless Entry

    Hello~ I recently moved from a M3 to a 2019MX and I wish I drill had the keyless entry functionality via the phone. Previously I only carried my wallet but now I need the fob or use the app to start the vehicle. Has anyone implemented or considered using a 3D printer to create a flat key (with...
  2. T

    Keyless Entry behaviour with 2019.36.2.1

    Curious about other peoples' experience: Until today I hadn't set up my phone to work as a key with my Model 3 – too many stories of thefts using Bluetooth boosters here in the UK. Nevertheless, I thought I would test it today, with unusual (and ideal!) results. Pocketing my phone and walking...
  3. F

    Keyless entry gotcha (locked myself out this morning)!

    I have been experimenting with keyless entry, using the app on my phone and leaving my keys at home. I learned the hard way during my kid's school dropoff the potential risks. I generally leave my phone on the charging pad in the center console of the car. I had to hop out of my car to help my...
  4. Fullerene

    Keyless Entry no longer working?

    This morning I went to the car and nothing. Door didn't unlock, bluetooth was connected, had keycard in pocket, got in and started with keycard. Rebooted Car, rebooted phone, no luck, tried a few times in the past few hours. Will raise with Tesla if it doesn't come back to life later today...
  5. .jg.

    "Wired" article about key fob cloning

    I found the video fairly scary and an incentive to use the new "Enter PIN to Drive" feature. The vulnerabililty seems to be with the keyless entry systems of Teslas sold before June 2018 (and in other makes of car and motorcycles using simliar keyless entry systems). HACKERS CAN STEAL A TESLA...