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  1. G

    Hotspot unlock

    Hey guys, New to the forums and new Tesla owner. I got my Tesla about a week or two ago, and had to have some minor work done, and the Tesla mobile service guy came out. I asked him (because I bought used from 3rd party, and know very little about my car) what happens if I use my phone to...
  2. I

    A Miracle or Business as Usual?

    It is a few weeks ago now, however, it comes to mind often. I went to pick my partner up, from her volunteer job. Road was busy, so I had to park 50 yards away. She had not seen me, so I got out of the car and waved. She still di not see me. I walked towards her and when I was about 10 yards...
  3. ElectricLove

    Tow Receiver Key exchange and help for each other!

    OK, so we just got another X from Tesla, much like last time they didn't get the little red key for the tow receiver adapter (the part that protrudes downwards and comes in a little black tesla case with 2 keys). Their "fix" is to remove the entire rear tow hitch receiver system and put a new...
  4. M

    Sleutels gevonden ''s Graveland model S

    Ik heb een sleutels bos gevonden met een Tesla model S sleutel eraan er hangen ook nog ander sleutels aan. Tesla is al gecontact maar kunnen geen info geven. De sleutel is gevonden aan het einde van het zuidereinde in ''s Graveland. Graag zou ik deze bij de rechtmatige eigenaar willen krijgen!
  5. B

    Lost both keys to my MS, and the service was outstanding!

    Yes, I'm that guy; I lost both keys to my MS. I'm just scatterbrained that way. And, yes, I turned the house and garage upside down for 2 days trying to find them. So, today I wrote Maddy at Tesla Bellevue (WA) and she let me know that besides the two keys, a new Body Control Module (BCM) is...