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kids seats

  1. S

    Car seats and booster seats 3 in a row

    Anyone have 2 booster seats and one car seat in their model 3? I have 2,4 and 5 year old. Right now all 3 are in car seats (the diono radian 3R) they fit fine but the kids are in 99 percentile for height so they’ll be our growing car seat soon. I bought 2 graco boosters but buckling is near...
  2. O

    Is Tesla model S good for 5 people including 3 kids?

    We're considering getting a Tesla model S 2014 85 rear wheel drive, and there are 3 kids in our family, age 8-14. I'm wondering if the 3 back seats would be big enough for one car seat and two more kids. Will it be wide enough for the kids to reach the seat belts? And will there be enough space...
  3. F

    WTB: Model S Third Row Seats

    I’m looking to purchase third row seats and the rear bumper reinforcement for a Model S. It would be great if the purchase included all the mounting hardware and plastic trim pieces required.
  4. ChrgdTeCHick

    MS and kids...

    Within the next week I am scheduled to pick up my MS! Aside just getting rid of my children :p and telling me you just don't let your kids ride in yours :D (not an option), wanted to get feedback on owning an MS with kids on two main things: 1) the rear doors- aside parking a mile + a foot away...
  5. 3PHASE

    4th of July Events

    Are you entering your Tesla into one of the Nation's many small town 4th of July Parades, like the Firecracker Run? (www.firecrackerrun.org).