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  1. W

    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    I did some googling and looking through this forum and didn’t find anything directly addressing this. People with frequent rear passengers, especially kids in car seats, is the glass roof an issue from the perspective of Sun in their eyes / face? I just can’t see how this wouldn’t be a...
  2. M

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to share our road trip experience as a positive example for other electric noobs like me. I have had a 2022 MYP since November 2021 and have over 13k miles on it so far. I started in Sacramento early Saturday morning at 90 percent and drove to Salt Lake City...
  3. Jae001

    Model Y Crash

    What a waste of a beautiful car! These kids have no respect for speed and performance and are lucky to be alive. According to reports they try to get the car airborne by going over bumps in a parking lot at high speed doing well over 120MPH. The kid blames the car of course saying it wasn't...
  4. S

    Kid's Booster Seat

    I had a ton of trouble finding a booster seat that worked well in the model 3. Lots of them fit, but it was easy for them to slide over the recessed buckle in the seat. Then my daughter (6) wasn't able to buckle herself in, and I'd have to shift the seat. (Which probably wouldn't do great...
  5. P

    LEGO Tesla Model 3

    I love my Model 3 and created a LEGO version. What do you think? Tesla Model 3 Speed Champions
  6. ArunGoyal

    Car (Radio Flyer) for kids

    Looking to buy referral code for the car or to buy in Ohio. You have two days to claim the award. Let me know ASAP.
  7. La Piazza

    Commentary: This isn't a story about a car. This is a story about the future of the human race

    My father found this funny commentary by an Aussie, with little kids, driving them in a Model X. ttps://www.cnet.com/news/driving-a-tesla-model-x-in-the-end-times/
  8. L

    Narrow Booster Recommendation

    Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat Howdy all. Just wanted to recommend a narrow booster that fits the Tesla X perfectly. It does not cover the seat belt buckle insert so your child does not have to struggle. Both of my Graco (Affix and Backless) boosters covered up the buckle completely and it...
  9. M

    Unopened Kids Radio Flyer model S ride on

    Hi Tesla motors club members, I have a brand new Tesla Model S for kids that I need to sell. My kid is way beyond the age limit. I am not sure if this is the correct forum for the ad. I have the box still unopened. I am in Charlotte, NC. Regards, Mukesh
  10. S

    Kids Radio Flyer Model S Code

    I have a code of kids Radio flyer Model S code for sale $450.
  11. cvonken

    Tablet/iPad-houder voor achterin de Tesla - review & inbouw

    Een tablet houder met oplaadmogelijkheid voor (de kids) achterin is altijd prettig. Het maakt je reis en dat van je passagiers een stuk aangenamer. Wegens het ontbreken van hoofdsteun-pennen in een Tesla, is de keuze van houders beperkt. Ik vond een mooi product (van inCarBite) en laat je graag...
  12. M

    Choice of reward for sale $425

    Choice of Elon Musk Signature Black Wall charger or Founders Series Model S for Kids. Your choice for $425. Will have reward ship direct to you. Will obviously be brand new. Reach out if interested. Thx!
  13. F

    WTB: Model S Third Row Seats

    I’m looking to purchase third row seats and the rear bumper reinforcement for a Model S. It would be great if the purchase included all the mounting hardware and plastic trim pieces required.
  14. E

    Founders Series Model S for Kids Redemption Code

    I have a redemption code for the Founders Series Model S for Kids. Can be customized to your preference & shipped direct to your address from Radio Flyer website. $425 via PayPal. ~$580 if purchased direct from Radio Flyer. Send PM if you are interested.
  15. E

    Founders Series Model S for Kids Redemption Code

    I have a redemption code for the Founders Series Model S for Kids. Can be customized to your preference & shipped direct to your address from Radio Flyer website. $425 via PayPal. ~$580 if purchased direct from Radio Flyer. Send PM if you are interested.
  16. albiefett

    Radio Flyer Model S for Kids

    I have a Radio Flyer Model S for Kids Redemption Code for Sale. Asking $400. PM if interested... THANKS!
  17. N

    Trade a Tesla S for Kids (Radio Flyer) for a Wall Connector?

    Hi! As part of the Tesla referral program, I ended up with two Tesla S for Kids, made by Radio Flyer (Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer). I only have one child. So, I'm wondering if anyone wants to trade this for a Wall Connector. I'd be giving you a redemption code for a brand new...
  18. efusco

    Redemption Code for Kid's Model S Founders- $425

    Just got my redemption code for my referral. My kids are 18, 18 and 13 and don't fit. Selling for $425. Per the Radio Flyer's website... Every lithium ion battery powered Tesla Model S for Kids comes equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience including: working...
  19. ChrgdTeCHick

    MS and kids...

    Within the next week I am scheduled to pick up my MS! Aside just getting rid of my children :p and telling me you just don't let your kids ride in yours :D (not an option), wanted to get feedback on owning an MS with kids on two main things: 1) the rear doors- aside parking a mile + a foot away...
  20. MarkS22

    New Web Series: Explain Tesla Like I'm 5

    Hey, When I told my daughter Tesla is offering a free kid's Model S if someone uses our referral code, she was excited about possibly getting one. I was like: "Well, you need to earn it." Over the past two years, she has come to quite a few charger openings, EV meetups, green fairs, and...
  21. Sully's8

    URGENT HELP NEEDED: How to include 8 kids from blended family in delivery.

    I am in a bit of a panic. I pick up today at 3pm. I have 8 kids in a blended family ranging in age from 11 to 20, and the college sophomore is home. . . All are home today. I'm scheduled to pick up with wife, but my gut is telling me I should somehow include all 8 who have no idea I'm getting...
  22. MoosejawShaw

    WTB 3rd row seats

    I am looking for the 3rd row "jumpseats"/kid seats for a 2013 model s. I will pickup if close or pay for shipping. I need them for before Christmas as we will be road tripping. Hoping for the new gen ones but will take the older ones. Kids love the idea, we will see I guess.
  23. BobbyKings

    Backbench Gaming in the Tesla Model S using a ..... MOUSE!

    First of all: A USB port connected mouse works in the Tesla. Now you may think: “So What???”. Well, first of all it allows you to perform all and the same actions on the 17 inch screen as can be done by touching the screen. So in theory a driver using Autopilot can literally sit back. Not...
  24. C

    Interested in 3rd row seat ventilation?

    I'm currently fabricating a ventilation system which pulls the air from the 2nd row to the rear facing seats. My kids get hot/cold back there and I needed a solution. Here are my goals with this system: 1. Make it look as much like an OEM unit as possible 2. Quiet and yet providing enough...