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knocking sound

  1. J

    Service center was no help, looking for advice on a knocking sound coming from my back right side seat.

    Hello friends. I took my model 3 to a service center today to get a rattle coming from the passenger side rear seat fixed. The tech identified the problem, said it was fixed, and it clearly isn't. I have been trying to narrow down the source, and it sounds like it's coming from 1 or 2 joints...
  2. M

    Knocking and wobble at 100 KMH+

    I have a 2 year old Model 3 RWD with 50,000 KM on it & I just started to notice a slight knocking sound and minor UP/down wobbling at speeds of over 100KM. Sounds like it is coming from the rear passenger side but hard to tell. There is nothing at lower speeds and it gets worse as speed...
  3. M

    Tesla Y Clunk Noise over the bumps | 2023 RWD

    Hi guys, I am writing to you from Italy about a problem that I read often on this forum, but so far no solution. When approaching uneven road or potholes, you can hear a CLUNK from the front end as if there is something loose, not tightened properly. The noise comes from both sides, but with...
  4. E

    Performance Wrong Size Wheel/Tire from Factory

    Hello all, My model Y performance has 16,000 miles. Within the past week I’ve noticed this rather predictable knock/rubbing directly under my drivers floorboard area when turning the wheel 9 or 3 at low speeds. And I was hoping maybe a tire rotation would help, as well as of course have a...
  5. Electric700

    Knocking in the Front

    Within the past two weeks I noticed that when my Model S starts up there is often a knocking sound in the front, coming from somewhere under the dash and right behind the steering wheel. It also happens at certain times while I am driving at slower speeds and when braking, so it could be...