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  1. F

    Miles per kWh at different speeds

    I am very curious if anyone has seen a dataset/figure/table that shows the number of miles a model 3 (or a similar model) can travel per kWh at different speeds. I imagine that many more miles can come from a kWh at 45 mph, 65 mph, and 75 mph but would love to get a numerical idea of how much...
  2. A

    2022 LR Battery Replacement

    I hit an object on the road which broke through the front skid plate and ripped away the battery coolant hose from the battery case. Towed it in to service center after getting low coolant message and they are saying entire battery pack has to be replaced. The estimate that they sent me lists...
  3. n.one.one

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've ordered a 16 kW + 4 PW setup (from Tesla) and I'm rethinking the kW size because of the 10 kW limit on the Georgia Power monthly net metering plan (RNR-monthly). I'm looking for advice both for a qualifying 10 kW system as well as for a 16 kW system that will generate more than I will need...
  4. brjr

    Miles / kWh window on Model 3

    There is a little window in the bottom left of the screen that is labled 'Trip A'. It shows mileage and watt hour consumption since 'Trip A reset' . When the car is NOT being driven, does this measure include power consumption while parked? Why is 'wH/mi' so high when the car is first started...
  5. W

    Destination charger kostprijs

    Wellicht heb ik niet goed gezocht, maar ik vind nergens een mooi overzicht van de Tesla destination chargers in Europa met hun kostprijs per KWh. Kan iemand mij hierbij helpen?
  6. J

    Total kWh record available?

    The only thread I was able to find was dated 2014 (S: Total KWH) Since then, has anyone been able to figure out a way to see the total kWh my car has used? Services like TeslaFi cannot provide historic data. I just signed up for them yesterday but I have had my car for over a year.
  7. E

    Gemini 19in performance wheels

    Finally was able to order a set of these wheels off the tesla website in between States of being sold out. I was wondering for anyone who may already have these and have gone from the 20's to these how much of an improvement you saw. How much do the gemini caps help if at all?
  8. A

    Per-minute supercharging cheaper than home electricity? (NJ)

    I'm based in NJ and recently did the following calculation based on the given values: - I pay $0.18/kWh at home (supply + delivery) - I pay per-minute at superchargers in NJ ($0.26 or 0.13) - At superchargers, my car will charge, at minimum, (from 0-60%) at 350miles/hr. I usually get...
  9. Johanvcr

    Actuele SUC laadtarieven

    Er zit een flink verschil in de laadtarieven bij de verschillende SUCs. Het kan daarom lonend zijn hier informatie uit te wisselen over de laadtarieven. Mijn laadsessies van juni: Gouda, vrijdag 09.00 0,28 ct Vuren donderdag 07.30 0,20 Zaltbommel maandag 18.00 0,20 Leiderdorp, zaterdag...
  10. A2be

    How many kWh are in the Tesla Model 3 batt pack options

    I'm a bit confused. How many kWh are in the various model options for a Tesla Model 3? ... per the Tesla specification. I see the EPA mileage numbers, but want to better understand the specs on the kWh in the variously sized batt packs? Standard Range ? Standard Range+ ? Enhanced? Long range...
  11. C

    Poll on Tesla's Supercharger price model.

    Hi. Feel free to have your say in this poll about different alternatives for pricing Superchargers. Carlos Ticó on Twitter
  12. M

    2013 Red Tesla Model S - 60kWh - 35K mi - North Carolina

    As the title says, I have a 2013 Model S for sale. 60 kWh battery, 34.1K miles right now, great condition. No crashes, only repair was one door handle that Tesla Rangers fixed. Free supercharging included and transferable. Charger included, adapter included. I'm based in Chapel Hill, North...
  13. SactoEVer

    4.1 miles per kwh

    The latest Tesla investor quarterly letter includes this sweet number .. the M3 AWD gets 4.1 miles of charge per KWH .. see this at the bottom of page two: http://ir.tesla.com/static-files/725970e6-eda5-47ab-96e1-422d4045f799
  14. aikisteve

    Unit Police - kW vs kWh vs Wh/km (or Wh/mi)

    Since I'm still seeing a lot of confusion about EV energy units and when to use which one, I made a video to hopefully clear this up once and for all.
  15. guyG

    Disagreement of kWh of the Tesla X and the electricity meter

    I observe a significant disagreement of the displayed kWh of the Tesla X and my electricity meter at home. About 20% more consumption on the meter than on the display of the Tesla. No other devices than the car are connected to that meter. Does Tesla (intentionally?..) underestimate the...
  16. O

    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    As your Tesla gets older the maximum kW you experience while charging at the SuC will drop and charging take longer. Unofficially several Tesla employees have explained this as a limitation that has been implemented to protect the battery, but the details of the "algorithm" seem to be unknown...
  17. Electricfan

    Meter attached to my EVSE

    I wired a little electricity power meter I bought on Amazon to my EVSE. I'm charging at work now that they installed a 14-50 outlet for me (nice boss I have, although it took a year of wheedling). I'm going to pay for my electricity. Boss says not to worry about it, but when he sees I've used...
  18. K

    Model 3 Battery size

    I am just speculating about the battery size of the Model 3. I would appreciate any input. So I have a few assumptions and then some math. Tesla Model S seems to average about 3.6 mi/kwh So if the Model 3 increased that by 10% (due to smaller size and weight - assumption) that would be about...
  19. snahsiub

    Wat betaal jij voor een kWh?

    Ik heb het forum afgezocht even snel, maar kon niet zo snel een draadje vinden.. Maar waar ik benieuwd naar ben.. wat is jouw kWh prijs? We weten inmiddels alles van de auto, welke infra er nodig is en welke apps er zijn, maar een niet geheel onbelangrijke.. de kWh prijs :rolleyes: Zelf zit ik...