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lane assist

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    is anybody using Lane Assist beta?

    I just got a Model Y. I was going to use Lane Assist and I got a message that I needed to enable it in the settings. When I started to enable it, I got a warning that it was a Beta version and should be used with caution (something like that). Is anybody using Lane Assist? Do you recommend...
  2. D

    Lane assist possible?

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new here. I have 2018 model 3 and been enjoying it pretty much. I'd just like to share an idea of possible improvement with you. Sometimes it's hard to see a vehicle in the blindspot even with the red warning on the main screen. I came across this feature in Hyundai...
  3. S

    2018 Model S Doing Lane Correction with AP Disengaged?

    I noticed something 'strange' recently with my 2018 Model S 75D (AP v9) - while driving home, on side streets, it felt like my alignment was a bit off, and the car was 'pulling' slightly (in this case, to the left (median lane) whenever I would allow the wheels to cross over the actual lane...
  4. J

    Semi-Auto freeway transition

    Hey everybody. I was curious before trying it—when in the semi-auto drive mode and in a lane that exits onto another freeway, does the car continue in auto mode while turning onto the new freeway? I’ve only had my car for a week and just want to make sure I know what to expect. Thanks!
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    Behind the competition

    I first purchased my Model S in October and took delivery in December. I was overly anxious to get behind the wheel and was off, but recently I found myself researching other car technology and have found that the Model S is behind the curve. I wanted to created a forum so that other customers...