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lane change

  1. S

    2023 Holiday Update Wishlist

    In anticipation of this year’s holiday update (if one is even confirmed 😂), what’s on your wishlist? I’ll start, I’d love to see: - Tesla Vision Improvements to Model X auto opening doors - Separate Audio for rear display on refreshed X/S (I suspect that will come soon enough given the...
  2. Y

    Changing Lanes

    Hello: When I use FSD I always have to confirm a lane change. I cannot get the car to change lanes on its own. I live in Ontario Canada. Does anyone know if lane changing is restricted in some jurisdictions and permitted in others without having to confirm it before the car changes lanes...
  3. A

    Autopilot system acting weird on 2020.20.12?

    First of all, a disclaimer that I haven't experienced this personally, but only 2nd hand from my mom. But since the 2020.20.12 update apparently our model 3 (with FSD and HW3) has been behaving weirdly. Yesterday, the car (in autopilot) changed 2 lanes at once while on the freeway (which it...
  4. D

    No more lane change with Autopilot?

    I first picked up my new S (no FSD, just AP) last month. Initially, I could change lanes by using the turn signal when on AP. Now that does not work for me anymore. Anyone else having this issue after the most recent updates? Also, are any of you without FSD having your car see/indicate stop...
  5. P

    Driving with intelligent cruise control

    Model 3 owner, going on month 3 now. Love the cruise control, except noticed that very often the vehicle lows down a little as I turn on the turn signal before a lane changes. It is quite annoying, as I'd rather it held the speed or gave it a little boost at that moment. Anyone else experienced...
  6. J

    Fsd Lane Change Balking - Faulty Sensor?

    Hi all, first post. I've had my M3 AWD LR w/ FSD (that's a mouthful) for about 2 months. I regularly make drives of 200-300 miles. Curious about the phenomenon that happens in the video below when FSD decides to changes lanes. Looks like the car thinks something is off my left front bumper...
  7. borugee

    AutoPilot braking on cut-in and brake-check. Does car brake enough?

    Here is what happened during a autopilot session. I am new to AP and learning how to use it too. At this point in time, I let AP negotiate the situation, but AP did not do to my liking. I Like, if AP applied the brakes more. Not sure if others have seen similar behavior. I was on autopilot on...
  8. Enginerd

    Navigate On Autopilot: automatic lane change results

    Everybody has anecdotal experience with automated lane changes using Navigate on Autopilot (NOA). We see comments such as "works for me every time", "kinda sketchy", or "merged into the fast lane without considering the guy coming at 100 mph". All of these observations are true, but don't...
  9. S

    Manual lane change process? Basic AP in autosteer

    Hi everybody, I'm ready to purchase a SR+ but struggling on the decision to purchase FSD vs only basic AP. What is the process for manually changing lanes with basic AP when autosteer and TACC are enabled? Can you use the turn signal to indicate an intent to change lanes, then manually change...
  10. Colgate2004

    Anyone else notice degraded Lane Change functionality with 2019.8.5?

    I got the 2019.8.5 update this past week (M3 LR AWD) then a day or two later was driving home from Boston and turned on auto steer and navigate on autopilot. Hoo boy. Every. Single. lane change failed. The car would begin to change lanes, cut back into the original lane, start to change lanes...
  11. MrBoylan

    Model 3 AutoPilot lane change "shimmy" - anyone else get this?

    Hey, folks, I'm having an issue with AutoPilot on my Model 3, have brought it into the shop, and the technician there says that this is "normal behavior" so I wanted to check in with a few other owners before making this into something bigger. The behavior in question is that when I'm in AP...
  12. Silicon Desert

    Top wish on my grocery list: Side camera display on lane change

    When reading the various threads about rear camera display changes on V9 (can't show on top any more), some people indicate they use the rear camera for blind-spot monitoring, etc. The rear camera doesn't have a wide enough field of view for that, but I suppose it helps in some cases. My hope...
  13. Doves27

    Lane Changing driving over turtles

    M3 wobbles when changing lanes and riding over the lane dividers (turtles). Steering shakes a little but then recovers. Traction control maybe?
  14. V

    Automatic Lane change in EAP - does it check for other cars before changing?

    I am a bit conservative in terms of trusting EAP and I only initiate lane change after checking that there is no car present in the lane next to me for a good distance front and behind (and no other car two lanes over is trying to get into that lane). Do you trust EAP to do safety checks for...
  15. Haxster

    Flaky Auto Lane Change

    I just drove from Silicon Valley to Santa Barbara and back on 101 in my 17.17.4 AP2 MS. About 700 miles I used autopilot most of the way and it worked very well. Auto lane change was another matter. About 20% of the time, the car wouldn't change lanes. Speed, lane markings, straightness, and...
  16. S

    The 1st 8 Cameras Dash Cam capturing Autopilot V7 in public

    Got too excited testing the autopilot features since Oct 15th and forgot to upload these videos. Enjoy! I'll be using autopilot on my way back to Seattle within the next 18 hours, there will be more in-depth videos with autopilot showing what works and what doesn't at various situations...