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lane holding

  1. Unlimitedpower

    Model S70 2016 Adaptive cruise controle with lane keeping

    Hoi allemaal ! ik heb mij recent een model S van 2016 gekocht (facelift) en zit met een vraag. Specificaties Autopilot met comfortfuncties hardware voor Autopilot Achterwielaandrijving Homelink via GPS 70 (upgrade naar 75) Ik heb een werkende adaptive cruise controle MAAR het lukt mij niet om...
  2. A

    Model S 2015 85D AP1 issue with centering in lane

    Hi all, I have a Model S 85D with AP1 and recently I have noticed that when I have autopilot engaged that even when I am on a straightaway on a full scale 8 lane highway when either I come up on another car in the lane to the right or left or if they come up on me that my car wants to pull...
  3. SalisburySam

    Lane numbers in some posts...a California thing?

    I’ve seen several posts where posters described their driving experiences using lane numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). In decades of driving I’ve not seen this before. Since most of the posters report CA in their signatures, I’m assuming it’s a SoCal or CA thingie. So for the rest of us, which lane is...
  4. P

    Autopilot 8.0 lane offset not working

    Greetings, Overall I have been happy with Autopilot both with local trips and longer. One issue that I had that does not seem to be any better with Autopilot 8.0 is the lane offset of the vehicle. Lane offset is supposed to move the car away from other cars that are "crowding" your lane...
  5. mspohr

    My wife is my autopilot

    My wife is excited to hear that the new cars will have lane holding, adaptive cruise control, etc. since she is very nervous that I don't seem to do a good job of staying in the lane and sometimes don't see traffic stopping ahead. (She is probably right.) I'm thinking that is you have the lane...