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  1. X

    Trunk Latch Water Leak

    I just bought a 2013 Model S P85 and yesterday it rained. Today I go to grab something out of the trunk and a large amount of water comes pouring out of the latch and adjustable trunk rubber. I noticed there was also water in the inner tail light. I found this YouTube video which explains...
  2. J

    Where is the front door sensor located?

    Hi forum, My 2016 Model x 90D is having an issue with the drivers door. Latch won't open when the door handle is pushed from the outside nor easy grab on the inside. Does open when retracted all the way back, but then again opening motor is not moving the door. Latch will close the door fully...
  3. B

    Model X Trunk won't latch- Any ideas what it could be?

    2018 Model X P100d So there I was, at my daughter's hs track meet, which is over 100 miles from home. I get an alert that the trunk is open on the Tesla shortly after we arrived at the meet. I thought "that's cool", I will just close it on the app. I didn't recall there being any issues when we...
  4. C

    What is the genuine assembly design of Model 3 Re-refresh trunk latch cover?

    Hi! I am a newbie here! I bought so called Model 3 Re-refresh a month ago. There are few bothering problems than I expected!! However, recently new question comes up when I took a look at the trunk lid cover design. Which one is correct? How does yours look like? Please suggest your opinion...
  5. A

    S. Rear hatchback latch not latching

    It was replaced about a month ago and has stopped working again. I have done the hard and soft reboot with no luck. Also and perhaps relatedly…when closed the right side of trunk is a tiny bit higher than the left side…the crack just a tad larger. ideas?
  6. S

    Trunk Latch failed and replaced 3 times in 3 weeks

    Hi, Just wanted to check if anyone has any experience with consecutive trunk latch failures? After installing 2020.48.26 on a model X delivered in March 2020, the trunk door will not latch. Tried troubleshooting and resetting with support from the local Tesla service center on WhatsApp video...
  7. T

    Model 3 Sr+ Door Closing Question

    We just got out model 3 and when we shut the doors, they sometimes don't shut all the way, probably 75 percent of the time. You really have to shut the doors really hard for them to close all the way. Is this normal ? The door will close all the time if you slam them. The same goes for the...
  8. compu85

    Making the Model 3 trunk lid close more easily

    I found the trunk lid on our Model 3 required quite a bit of force to close. I wondered if this could be improved, and found the answer is yes! Apply a few drops of light oil to all of the pivots (yellow arrows). I like Zoom Spout, but 3 in 1 or any light oil should work. Apply a drop of light...