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launch mode

  1. MichaelP90DL

    So I went drag racing with White Fang. I need help with a setting.

    The problem with a really smart car is it can sabotage you. OK here's what happened at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA, last night: Race 1: Against a Model 3 Performance. I had him off the line and was pulling away. Suddenly the car slowed. It caught me by surprise. I...
  2. MichaelP90DL

    Why not automated drag strip launch mode? My tweet to Mr. Musk.

    @ElonMusk @tesla It occurs to me a couple tenths of a second could be shaved off the Model S in Launch Mode if FSD could be employed to identify the drag strip's green light and launch on its own. Removes human reaction time. Cool new feature? :) :) Sure as heck that feature wouldn't hurt...
  3. L

    Testing Ludicrous+ Mode in San Diego

    I just bought an MX Performance and would like to try out a few launches with the Ludicrous+. Does anyone know a good place around San Diego to do a few launches with running over a few kids in a neighborhood or getting unwanted attention by SDPD?
  4. Knight3000

    P100D ludicrous+ loses to Model 3?? What the??

    Hey everyone, My first post here. I gotta say, the disappointment pushed me here to post something. I got a brand new P100DL+ and I absolutely love my car. However, No one really challenges me for a go on the road, I guess once they see the badge, they know it's over before it starts...until...
  5. MichaelP90DL

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    I've had Tessie for 11 months. Never have I tried Launch Mode. I've done a lot of acceleration runs without it, but today was different. I printed out the instructions then drove to a lonely desert road. What follows is what I posted earlier on a local car enthusiast website: Tesla's "Ludicrous...
  6. 4DXP

    Ludicrous+ Doesn't Seem To Work!

    I own a 2018 MX P100DL with firmware 2019.20.1 in Holland. Yesterday I had a charge state of around 80%. I use "Scan my Tesla" with ODB CAN bus and did an acceleration test with my son. It said 3.59 seconds to 100km/h in Ludicrous mode (no battery heating). I then proceeded to activate...
  7. benjiejr

    Accelerator Pedal Broke Off

    Took a friend and his nephew on a ride yesterday to demo some features of the Tesla. They are into exotic and performance cars and wanted to learn more about it. In the parking lot, I went through a lot of the features of the car and they asked a lot of questions. Then, I took them for a ride...
  8. n2mb_racing

    Power limit with latest software update: Data

    Hi everyone, The other thread (Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits) has reached 167 pages and the data is getting buried in the discussion. I wanted to start a new thread just for posting data documenting the amount of power everyone is losing with the latest software update. Details of...
  9. jerjozwik

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    yesterday i got the news that my February 2016 build model s p90dl needs it battery replaced. i cant help but laugh at this because of my post in the pack performance thread in January. after speaking with the SC, i find out that the P90D battery is not an on shelf item and i have X amount of...
  10. benjiejr

    P85D Launch Mode Demo

    This is a quick demo of the new Launch Mode as part of firmware 2.9.40. The conditions were not ideal as this was on a slight incline, battery was not at optimal charge, and not at max battery power; however, it does show views from inside and outside the car.