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  1. B

    Fluid at charge port

    Searched but couldn’t find anything. This morning I went to unplug the wall charger charger and noticed the ring was red. When I removed the cable there was an oil like fluid on the cable. Wondering if anyone knows what this might be. I didn’t smell like coolant more like hydraulic fluid similar...
  2. Y

    Leak on major upcoming Tesla announcement

    Has anyone seen this? Thoughts??? I wonder how many will cancel to wait for these upgrades.
  3. O

    TMS P85 motor humidity: high voltage câbles seal leak, error GTW_w176

    Hello everyone, Here is my problem: 26/12: my Tesla model S gave me error messages: GTW_w018 and w157: reduced electrical power; GTW_w174 and w177: provide battery replacement based on voltage (12v); regenerative braking off; GTW_w017 reduced power. But she continued to drive. Then on...
  4. P

    2013 Model S Air Suspension - "woosh" sound and discharge from black line coming from the valve unit

    Hoping the experts on this thread can help ... on my 2013 model S, the compressor runs almost continuously (as others have explained) ... in my case the black line coming out of the valve/distribution unit discharges air with a big relese just after the compressor stops then continues to release...
  5. N

    Anyone know what this blue liquid is?

    Brand new 2021 model 3 I just parked it after delivery came back and saw a puddle starting from the end of the vehicle all the way to the front. (Parking lot slopes very slightly down towards front of car).
  6. D

    Leaking 3-way valve

    I just purchased a used 2015 85D and after driving with the heat on, found a small puddle of coolant under the front of the car on the passenger side. It only appears when I run the heater (which is why I suspect the previous owner never noticed it as he was in a warmer part of the country)...
  7. rns-e

    Air Suspension deflating slowly - SC will replace bascially everything

    My 2015 P85DL is losing air in the suspension slowly overnight. It seems to be the rear right that drops and sometimes both rear and front right are deflated while the left side is still inflated, and other times it's both sides in the rear that seems deflated. As such it is not that big a deal...
  8. jusflyguy

    2021 M3 Roof Leak?

    After the first rain in SoCal in months, I just noticed my headliner and side panels with some stains on them. I've only had the car for a month so these stains really stood out. I felt them and they felt damp. I realized that the light rain the day prior may have caused a roof leak. I took...
  9. S

    First rain of the season outside and inside the car.

    Model 3 purchased Oct 2019. We had our first rain of the season overnight and when I went out to the car this morning there was a puddle on the center console. Looked up and the headliner near the rear view mirror is damp and slightly detached in the driver side as compared to the passenger...
  10. N

    Tesla Solar and Water Leakage

    Every solar company - except Tesla - explained that the best way to install panels (for a customer who also wants to install a new flat roof) is to first tear off the old roof, then install the solar supports, then lastly install the new roof around the supports. Tesla explained they do not...
  11. D

    Leaking (and struggling to open) pano roof on 2015 P85D

    I opened my panoroof the other day for the first time since I bought the car a few months ago. Since then it leaks but only when driving. My inner seal is deteriorating although the odd thing is that it looks worse on the drive side, the leak is only happening from the passenger side...
  12. im4uttx

    Coolant "leak" caused possible pump failure???

    Well, good day went to bad... Having Homelink installed today by Tesla mobile service, got it working, took it for a quick test to open upon arrival, works great, but noticed blue fluid flowing out from under the car... Luckily, the mobile service was still "close by" so flagged him down. He...
  13. M

    Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Model Y Production Ramp Up Problem - Electrek Article

    From electrek, an article about an internal memo Elon Musk sent to Tesla employees https://electrek.co/2020/06/08/elon-musk-tesla-model-y-production-ramp-up-problem-leaked-email/ From the memo (emphasis added by me): A couple ways this could shake out in my crystal ball: Optimistic: the...
  14. bhorn

    Brake fluid leaking at caliper

    This morning I noticed some wetness around the rear passenger wheel. Sniff test and visual inspection lead me to discover it is brake fluid. I did not think to check for leaking calipers when I accepted delivery just over a week ago. I've sent a service request message Tesla using the app. I...
  15. PrGrPa

    Washer hose wear/tear

    Anyone had any problems with washer hoses wearing or tearing above the reservoir? This is a Q3 2019 RHD UK SR+ I’ve seen posts on the Y-connector not being connected. This seems different. Prompted to fill my SO’s washer reservoir. Only took 1L and reached the limit. operated the washer and...
  16. J

    Leak on Drive Unit?

    So the amazing guys at Unplugged Performance in Hawthorne, CA installed some moderate lowering springs a couple weeks ago on my M3LR. They mentioned they saw some dirt buildup of what looked like a leak from the front drive unit and that I should get Tesla service to take a look. Well, I did...
  17. T

    Model X Shut Down while Driving - WARNING!

    Tesla Owners, be warned, I love my Model X, but what happened to me today is not acceptable and could cost someone their life. Please read and be aware. Nov 6, 2019 @ 8:00am I got into the vehicle with my 1 year old and pressed the brake to turn it on. The AC turned on as normal and everything...
  18. M

    Model X Front Door Windows Wind Noise Leak Test Video

    I had started another thread on a wind noise issue I had with a new Raven Model X. After weeks of poking around I managed to find it and fix it myself. This is not a Video on how to fix it but how to test for it. I see a lot of folks complain about Wind noise and I thought I'd create a quick...
  19. L

    How Advanced Summon is a Sneak Peek Into Full Self Driving.

  20. D

    Rain and Roof Leaks

    I have rain water coming in between the back and middle panels. Am I alone?
  21. GrumpyManUK

    Leaking boot

    The weather has been particularly miserable today and I’m pleased I purchased the all-weather mat for the boot. I opened it later this morning to find that rain water had leaked through the seal - top centre! (FYI I did not see any of the water leak through once I actually opened the boot.)...
  22. EclecticCitizen

    Adhesive dripping from under the touchscreen

    Anyone else seen this? 2013 Model S Since it got hot this summer (3 weeks), I have had clear sticky fluid (like an adhesive) dripping from below the screen, into the cubby, and down into my center console. At first I thought it was from the rearview mirror after my windshield had to be...
  23. C

    Leaking PW 2s? #PowerwallRegrets

    Should I have got a generator? Two PW2s installed end of November -- 2 backups total -- 1 during install for 5 mins, 1 in Dec for a few hours. FINALLY got charge up to 99% (never saw 100) -- says app. Why? Vermont-based - snow on panels from Nov-Apr. It was wonderful to see 99%. For a few days...
  24. aesculus

    Drivers Window Leak

    Since day one I have complained about a leak at the back corner of my drivers window. When at cruising speeds you can hear air noises and also when you wash the car or are in heavy rain driven from the left rear, water enters the cabin. It's not much and after taking it to Tesla a number of...
  25. V

    How often and how many times have you had flat tire?

    Reading this thread What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX made me wonder how often and how many times MX owners have had flats? Seems like many have experienced at least one in the first few months of owning a MX? Some statistics will be good... I had my first flat yesterday in just...