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  1. F

    Learning to Drive a Tesla

    Hey Everyone, This is my first time here. I thought you might like to see a humorous video on my experience when learning to drive a new Tesla. Seriously, though, I encountered 2 issues and am curious if anyone else experienced those same issues. Anyway, thanks for watching and here is the...
  2. X

    My car is learning a lot but.... what? and how?

    I am reading all over the place that Tesla cars "learn" as more miles driven, that with AI the learning process is faster, that with shadow mode Tesla validates the software etc etc. Can someone with knowledge on the subject please explain what exactly "learning" means and how it happens (or...
  3. TrafficEng

    Auto Pilot tips and tricks....

    Hi everyone. I've just joined the community, and so hope to contribute as a traffic technology engineer who is really enjoying his Tesla 90D with Auto Pilot (AP). After about 4,000 miles on AP, I thought I'd share some of the 'tips and tricks' that I have learned in this the 80 hours or so...
  4. L

    Preparing for job at Tesla

    Hello, I am currently in my last year of Bachelor study for IT & Management and I am looking very closely when Tesla will enter market for Czech Republic (they build first Supercharger recently 09/2016). My question to anyone who is familiar with the issue is this (or anyone willing to join...
  5. C

    Elon Musk's recommended books

    I consider Elon Musk to be a visionary at the level of the best in history. You probably agree. Elon repeatedly talks about how important books are in his learning, and how his vision is inspired by them. So I found a list of books that Elon has recommended in different occasions. I'm going to...
  6. Matias

    Has anyone actually observed any AP learning?

    When AP came there was much talk about how it would constantly learn and come better. I have used AP all the time where it is possible and haven't observed any learning whatsoever. AP still makes exatly the same mistakes in the same places as before. Has anyone actually observed any AP learning?
  7. F

    Is Auto Pilot 1.0 fleet learning really a reality?

    Some posts indicate that the newly introduced Auto Pilot "1.0" is using crowd data to improve itself. I'd admit that a lot of articles discussing this topic addresss the same posts at teslamotorsclub and repeating the story doesn't make it more probable. I'm sure that the owners reporting the...
  8. T

    Lighthouse Charter school EV conversion project sparks new initiatve

    Yesterday was pretty exciting! & I want to keep the momentum going.. I KNOW this is unplug day & I KNOW this project seems a bit off-topic, but its a think globally, act locally thing.. yesterday Cleantechnica put this out EV Conversion Project For High Schoolers -- Help A Brother Out...