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  1. B

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    My lease comes up in December of 2022. I'd like to upgrade to a new MX, but when I checked on delivery times just now, it says January 2023. Can I order a new one now, in the hope that there won't be too much of a gap between when my lease ends (12/20 I think) and when I get the new MX? Would...
  2. C

    Lease early termination with zero due?

    I'm currently leasing a M3 SR+ with 5 months left on the term. I ordered a MY LR in October, the EDD was April 2022 by then, which perfectly aligned with my lease. Yesterday, I just noticed that my MY reservation already has a VIN number assigned already, and the EDD is end of December this...
  3. C

    Model Y Lease Transfer 2021 ------ Miami FL

    I have a 2021 Model Y Standard Range and am looking to transfer the lease. White 20” Black Wheels White Interior 9,500 miles (45,000 mile lease) 25 months left $675 monthly lease included mobile charger, sound deadning kit, black rear spoiler, rim protectors, matte center console cover (plastic...
  4. DeanJohno

    UK 2021 Model 3 Q4 collection and deliveries

    Hi - I've set this up to discuss the upcoming Q4 allocations, deliveries and news. Mine has been pushed back for October allocation and November delivery - after lease company issues. I have gone through a lease company (NHS Fleet Solutions) with the lease company being VW Group and...
  5. S

    Tesla 3 Lease Takeover - Low Monthly Payments - Like New - Take advantage of 6455 Down payment

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Monthly Payment $462per month For $462 a month you can take over this lease. You can average 800 miles per month for the next 20 months. Downpayment $6500 Actual Payments $462 Current Miles 14,000 Total Miles Allowed 30,000 Miles Per Month 900 Months Remaining 18 Leasing...
  6. U

    Tale the US leased tesla to Canada

    My Company is transferring me to Toronto for a 12 month assignment. Is there a chance I can take my on lease model Y with me there?
  7. D

    Tesla model 3 lease prices UK post EV grant change

    Hello everyone, I am looking to lease Tesla M3 LR. There are a lot of different companies offering some good rates right now. My insurance will be quite pricey so I want to keep the cost to a minimum. However I am unable to secure the deal right now as I am currently in the process of buying a...
  8. R


    My Model 3 is arriving (supposedly) by the end of the year. I'm doing a two-year lease and paying "retail" for the full-self drive. Now Tesla has announced that they will start doing FSD by "subscription" starting early next year. My question: On a lease, should I wait for it? (I ordered...
  9. P

    Model 3 Peformance 2020 Lease Take Over

    Looking for someone to take over my lease, as I'm not using it as much and have a secondary car. Car Leased December 2019 Deep Blue Metallic with white Interior ($2000 upgrade) Mint Condition Performance Model Includes: 20’’ Gray Performance Wheels Performance Brakes Carbon fiber spoiler...
  10. M

    Looking for Model 3 Owners interested in selling/leasing *SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY*

    Hey everyone, As the title states, I'm looking for Tesla Model 3 owners who are interested in selling or perhaps leasing their cars, preferably recent years, 2020, 2019 but all years are an option. I'm based in Los Angeles, CA. Please excuse me if this post is inappropriate or goes against...
  11. LNL_HUTZ

    Does the financing choice affect delivery time?

    This is probably a long shot given how new the lease option is for the MY, but does anyone know whether your choice of payment (i.e., cash, loan, or lease) has any effect on the processing/delivery timeframe?
  12. S

    Looking for Model 3 Lease Takeover w/ FSD

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to take over a Model 3 lease, somewhere in the 12-18 month range with FSD. I'll take the SR+, LR, or Performance. I don't care what color of interior or exterior. I'm located in Northern California, but would be willing to drive anywhere in California to pick it up. I...
  13. S

    Lease option available on the Model Y

    Looks like Tesla has now started offering the option to lease a Model Y (Tesla Model Y now available for $499 per month through new leasing program ). Anyone considering it?
  14. W

    Model 3 Lease in Michigan

    I'm looking to lease a Model 3 but I live in Michigan. The leasing calculator provides information about the price of the car if you participate in Tesla leasing. The calculator does not include taxes or fees. Please note you are subject to lease approval. You forgo the option to buy your car...
  15. M

    Model 3 for purchase or Lease Take over

    Looking for a Model 3. I am open to taking over a lease or financing one.. I am selling my car and just don't want to wait for Tesla to prepare the car for 4 weeks. I would like grey or black exterior with black interior preferably but open to other options. Please reach out to me as soon...
  16. G

    VIN location on lease car

    Hi All I am hoping this hasn't been asked before, this is the second Model X I have ordered this time through a lease on my company. Just wondered if anyone has found a way of finding the VIN on the lease login account as its the "secondary" account I am unable to manage the car at all. I...
  17. S

    Online lease calculation unclear

    Can anyone tell me what Tesla uses in the online lease calculator for net capital cost, residual value, and money factor to come up with a $399/mo lease payment for the standard plus model 3 base model? The price is given as $39990, $4500 down, with a 36 month term.
  18. G

    Lease a Bad Idea?

    I ran the numbers through several different calculators and leasing seems to be a better option. SR+ with Purchase price of $42,000, $4,500 down, 36 months, 10k miles is around $430 I don't buy Model 3 would hold a residual value of 65%+ after 5 years. With model Y and Truck coming out within...
  19. W

    lease and federal tax credit for Model 3 delivered in 2019

    Is there any place where Tesla publishes their policy on calculating the 2019 Federal Credit for leased vehicles? Do they give full credit or only a partial credit? Does this calculation show up on the lease agreement? Thanks!
  20. D

    WTB: lease takeover of Model 3 or Model S

    Hi all, I have commitment issues and usually can't last 1 year in a car. Therefore, a 3-year lease is a scary thing for me. I'd ideally like to takeover a lease for someone who wants to get rid of their Tesla. Mostly interested in a Model 3 Performance at this point. Mileage allotment not...
  21. KAnder04

    Long-term owners, any issues, problems selling the vehicle, etc?

    The lease on my current car runs out in May, and I’m seriously considering making the switch to EV and going with a Tesla. Probably going with the Model 3 Performance, but I posted this on this board because I’m curious if anyone that bought a Model S a few years ago (4+) has had any long-term...
  22. X

    Leasing Model 3 in the US outside Tesla

    Anyone leasing a Model 3 using a different company than Tesla in the US? What good options (based on company/financial institution/terms) are out there? Any good experiences? How was the process? (Note: this is not a debate about if lease is a good option or not)
  23. BZM3

    Small Damage to Bumper - Turning in at end of Lease

    Hello Someone bumped into my rear bumper causing a small scratch, literally smaller than a dime. I am curious if when turning in my car at the end of the lease Tesla will give me a hard time? In my lease agreement there is of course the provision that I am responsible for the cost of "repairing...
  24. T

    Leasing advice

    Looking at placing an order to lease a M3 here in the UK. Can anyone recommend a lease company for price & service? Thanks Andy
  25. A

    Lease question

    Hello - wondering if someone can help me track down the following information in regards to a 2019 Model 3 AWD lease. MSRP - $48,270 Fees - ~$700 + ~$200 = ~$900 Current residual % on 10k mile lease for 36 months - ??? Current money factor (assuming perfect credit score) - ??? Additionally, do...
  26. Lexikon


    Flink gezocht, niks gevonden in andere threads, dus maar een eigen topic gemaakt :oops: Eindelijk eindelijk eindelijk een VIN in source. Het lange wachten is voorbij. Nu kan het lange wachten op de aflevering beginnen :D Ik heb een M3 bij een lease maatschappij besteld en kreeg vorige week...
  27. B

    Lease Transfer - 2017 P100D 1185/month

    Looking to transfer my P100D lease ending 12/22/2020 Located in Seattle P100D Pearl White, Beige interior 5 seater 10k/yr 2500 down 1185.90/month + tax 19895 miles driven (started 4186, currently 24081) Clear bra on front bumper Replaced both entire front seats a few months ago (got the new...
  28. ea_roa

    Almost over mileage on lease

    Hi everyone, I’m struggling a bit with my Model S. I got it back in March 2018 under a 2yr/30k mi lease. I’m barely a year and a half in and I only have less than 2000 mi before I reach those 30k mi. Soon I’ll have to start paying $0.25 per mile that I go over. What other options do I have...
  29. S

    Lawyer? Help. Class Action Lawsuit All Model X/S Leases

    Hi, I'm needing some advice and help with a current situation that may be grounds for a Class Action for all Model S and Model X owners who started their Lease anytime from April 2019 until now. Would particularly appreciate any help from a lawyer who may know if this is some sort of...
  30. S

    Lawyer? Help. Class Action Lawsuit All Model S/X Leases

    Hi, I'm needing some advice and help with a current situation that may be grounds for a Class Action for all Model S and Model X owners who started their Lease anytime from April 2019 until now. Would particularly appreciate any help from a lawyer who may know if this is some sort of...
  31. Jumper

    Am I making a bad choice?

    I have a '16 Model S coming up on end of lease. It has: Post-refresh design (i.e., no nosecone, yes bio-defense, etc.) 44k miles AP1 Free Unlimited Supercharging Sunroof (no longer a thing) Rear Jumpseats (no longer a thing, at least until Plaid variant brings them back) Cold Weather Package...
  32. J

    Vraag over model 3 SR+ Lease via Alphabet

    Ik mag vanaf 1 oktober een elektrische leaseauto bestellen via Alphabet, echter bij bestellingen na 30 september kan Tesla geen levering in 2019 meer garanderen wat voor mij wel een voorwaarde is door het bijtellingspercentage van 4%. Helaas wil mijn werkgever niet meewerken aan het eerder...
  33. G

    Terrible experience selling house with SolarCity/Tesla Energy panel lease on it

    Cliff notes: If you plan to install a Solar City / Tesla Energy system on your house and EVER plan to move, find a different company. Caveat: I'm a huge Tesla fan, own 2 vehicles and (formerly) their solar array. Their service has always been terrible since day 1 but I figured the product...
  34. Petrocelli

    Are Model 3 leases expensive given cost of car?

    I have driven a c300 Mercedes for about 21 years. Every three years, I return my Mercedes and get a new one. My lease end is approaching and I am considering a Tesla Model 3 versus a Mercedes C300 Coupe. The sticker on the Tesla is about $40,000. The sticker on the Mercedes is about $51,000...
  35. M

    Terugkoop garantie

    Ik ben me aan het verdiepen in de financial lease die Tesla aanbiedt i.c.m. de 'terugkoop-garantie'? Ofschoon niet zichtbaar op de website blijkt deze gewoon beschikbaar te zijn. Welke visie hebben de lezers van deze post hier op? Waarom wel een interessante regeling? Waarom geen goede...
  36. B

    Salary Sacrifice

    Tesla seems to be suggesting here that I can buy a car through my pre-tax earnings via a salary sacrifice scheme; basically meaning the cost is reduced significantly. Salary Sacrifice Has anybody any experience with this? I work for an SME with no official leasing partner, but I do use my...
  37. H

    Leasing options for KY (one of the few states that Tesla cannot directly lease in)

    Hello Everyone! I’m hoping that one of you wonderful people can help! I’m trying to find a leasing option for me, who lives in Kentucky, one of the 3 states that will now allow Tesla to directly lease in. I’ve already extended my Mercedes lease and am in a rush to get a Tesla to replace that...
  38. A

    Tesla Deals As Of 6-21-2019

    6-21-2019 - So the deals are not great right now with Tesla with Limited Inventory…here is what is the best available read each one if there is interest reach out to - Robb Silverstein I Ownership Loyalty Advisor, Sales Operations W 510-602-6010 I E [email protected] Please use my...
  39. P

    Tesla Model 3 lease in Canada using external parties?

    Has anyone used an external lender to lease a Tesla Model 3 in Ontario?
  40. Rango

    Used Teslas FSD module upgrade path?

    Hi guys. So Tesla on their website have used (off lease) S models available for sale. When i go to check out there is NO option to upgrade to FSD computer at all. It just goes to payment option. I believe from what i've read here upgrade price to FSD would be $3k? Tesla (Enhanced) Autopilot vs...
  41. Heathman

    Tesla has ruined me for life...

    So, my 3-year lease on my Model S ends July 7, 2019. In preparation, I've begun looking for a replacement vehicle. Unfortunately, I cannot get another all-electric EV as I don't have a place to charge at my condo (LONG story). So having a Model S the past 3 years have been an absolute living...
  42. X

    Tesla lease buyout - crazy penalty or error?

    Hello. Need some help understanding some lease buyout numbers from the experts. My 3 year lease of my 2016 Model S 75D with 21500 miles, ends at the end of this year (in 7 months). Lease is through Tesla Finance. My monthly payment (including taxes etc) is at $1200. With Model 3 leasing...
  43. J

    Lease Takeover Model X 90 AP 2.0 in SoCal $1065 per month

    Ap2 with enhanced auto pilot, 6 seats, White on White, the car does NOT come with the grey wheels shown in the picture, it comes with silver rims which i will put on the car before transferring the lease. Lease Payment: 1064.05 + taxes (mine with taxes comes to 1167.79) Down payment: $2500...
  44. GloverCom

    2016 P90D Model X Lease Up in 6 months. What to expect?

    I've got a loaded 2016 Blue P90D (15K Miles on it, see attachment) and my lease is up in 6 months. Love the car, but in 3 years I've managed to scrape up the rims a bit and the roof-window behind the drive's seat had a crack in the window (Damn Giant Hickory nut trees in Birmingham, Alabama!)...
  45. G

    Tesla Model S Lease with US Bank: $2300 "property tax" fee at lease end?

    Hi, My lease on a 2015 Model S 85D just ended and was replaced with a 2018 Model S P100D. First off, when I picked up my new model S, the service center didn't process my old lease properly so I was charged an extra month. Waiting for reimbursement on that matter. However, I just received my...
  46. ea_roa

    Changing Model S from Lease to Finance

    A little bit of background; I got a Model S back in March of 2018 in a lease for 2 years and 15k miles (30k total). Coming in to the first year and with over 13k miles, I want to see if it is possible to change it from a lease to a finance. I want to move into a new place and having lower...
  47. A

    2017 Model X P100D Lease Takeover

    hello, I have a 6 seat (no console), black (non-black with wood trim and 22” rims P100D model x currently leased through Tesla. I want to transfer the lease to this car’s new home. I took delivery in March of 2018 (car was produced Nov 2017). Car has 13,500 miles, 15k/year lease, took delivery...
  48. S

    Model S Lease Takeover Wanted

    Looking for a Model S lease takeover. I am in Seattle WA, but willing to get a MS anywhere in the US for the right Tesla. :) Here is what I am looking for: - Tesla Model S with around 24 months left on the lease - No accidents, damage, etc. - Around $1k / month payments I have excellent credit...
  49. B

    WTB or Lease Transfer - Model X White Interior, low miles, EAP

    I am looking to take over a lease or purchase a Model X with white interior, low miles, enhanced auto pilot and 6 or 7 seats. Please let me know if you have a vehicle that you would consider transferring lease or selling. Thank you.
  50. Z


    Trying to buy a new model X has been such a horrible experience!!!! Lets start w their customer loyalty dept/manager that hasn’t returned an email or phone calls in almost 4 weeks after they contacted me about getting a new car! original inventory car I wanted was sent to Seattle for some...

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