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  1. B

    Got transferred for work & will def go over mileage with new commute

    Hello! I leased a new 2024 3 and then got relocated to a new city for work right after. My new commute is much farther and I will be going over my 15k a year. Does anyone know if I have any options here like upping my yearly mileage or possibly buying the vehicle out or transferring it to a...
  2. K

    Trade In / Finance

    Hi all, If I’m trading in with 3rd party (carmax), ideally I’d love to have financing approved and settled with Tesla before actually getting rid of my current vehicle, but have Tesla take into account that the current loan would be taken care of. I have a crazy low interest rate/payments...
  3. S

    Switching Tesla Models during a current Lease

    I’m currently in the middle of my 2023 Tesla 3 lease, but due to a growing family, a Y would now be more practical. I have low mileage of 9k, and was wondering if anyone knows if Tesla allows you to swap cars not at the end of a lease term. If so, are there any stipulations? Thanks!
  4. S

    Looking for someone to take over remaining Model 3 lease.

    Hi! I currently have a 2023 black Model 3 (black interior) with a completion date of 9/5/2026. I’ve had the vehicle for 6 months and due to recent changes in my life, I am unable to complete the lease. Since it is practically new; the tires, brakes, and overall condition are in excellent...
  5. T

    Business contract hire with new Limited company

    I'm considering taking out a lease on a new Model Y for my limited company (which isn't VAT registered) by opting for the Business Contract Hire scheme offered by CA Auto Finance. My business has been operational for roughly a year, and my initial accounts are set to be finalised by the end of...
  6. C

    Expired WTB - Tesla Model Y - 7 seater - 2023/24 - Lease Transfer/Takeover [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTB - Tesla Model Y - 7 seater - 2023/24. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. S

    Returning Model 3 back to Lease Company. Help?

    Good morning everyone, I've scoured the forum for similar threads but couldn't find the specific information I'm looking for. I'm returning my Model 3 after a three-and-a-half-year lease, and the collection/inspection is scheduled for the 20th of December. I'm curious about the level of...
  8. W

    Expired 2023 Model 3 Performance Lease Transfer [Expired]

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  9. C

    Expired Looking for a Lease Takeover in Chicago Area [Expired]

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  10. E

    Expired Lease Transfer - 2022 Model 3 Performance - Low Monthly Payment [Expired]

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  11. S

    Expired Lease takeover [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Lease takeover. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. M

    Expired 2022 Tesla Model S Lease Transfer $1,584/mo (17 months remaining) - 15,000 miles/year [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2022 Tesla Model S Lease Transfer $1,584/mo (17 months remaining) - 15,000 miles/year. Please add to the discussion here.
  13. J

    Expired Model S Plaid Lease Takeover (14 months remaining) [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model S Plaid Lease Takeover (14 months remaining). Please add to the discussion here.
  14. J

    Expired Takeover my Lease - 2022 M3P $649.01/mo. [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Takeover my Lease - 2022 M3P $649.01/mo.. Please add to the discussion here.
  15. P

    Expired Model Y lease take over [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model Y lease take over. Please add to the discussion here.
  16. N

    Lease Takeover (Bay Area)

    Hello! I'd like take over a lease for a Model Y LR. I've been accepted by Tesla recently for a previous lease, so there should be no issue with the application. At-least 1000+ miles monthly, Year 2022+, and lower than $600 monthly. I'm moving from the east coast to the bay area, however I can do...
  17. V

    Available LEASE TAKEOVER - Model 3 LR - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area

    Hi everyone! I’ll be moving to NYC from Miami in July & am looking for someone to takeover my lease. It’s an M3LR with (as of 5/15) 26,039 miles. The lease allows up to 15,000 miles per year so it’s under that allowance. I have the black exterior with white seats and Autopilot (no FSD). I...
  18. E

    Can I lease in Canada and bring to the US?

    Hi all, My husband is moving to LA from Vancouver Canada for two years for work. He wants to lease a model 3 here in Vancouver for a few months before moving, and then drive it down with him. Is he allowed to bring it with him? Anything we would need to know about this arrangement?
  19. L

    Model 3 lease cost pre IRA?

    What was the Model SR 3 base lease cost before the IRA kicked in? Currently it is $349/mn with $4500 down, or $478/mn with $0 down. I am trying to determine if they are calculating in any benefit for the IRA tax rebate to the lessor.
  20. B

    New customer - Co-restraint email sign up/license issue

    Hello my new family. Hopefully. I ordered a tesla model 3 that will be delivered this Saturday. I am in long island ny. My co-restraint and i are stuck, my co-restraints link is not letting him add his photo id and SSC info. When we press manage in the picture below it only refreshes the page...
  21. P

    Lease vs Loan

    Hi All, I will be the First time car owner in US I am planning to go with Model3 (RWD), little consfuion about the Lease vs. loan If we are going with Loan/Cash, we will be getting tax rebate 7500$ What are the Cons if we go with Lease option? i am hearing insurance premium will be little high...
  22. R

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Lease Takeover (RI/New England/Boston area)

    Hi all! Lurked here quite a bit and decided to join to post a lease transfer. My living situation has changed and I will no longer be needing my Model 3. Rhode Island/Boston area 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (with Ryzen) Red 18” Aero Wheels ~2400 miles, 10k per year allowed Lease...
  23. T

    Poor Delivery / Lease Return Experience

    Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I just came to the end of a lease on a 2019 MX Long Range. I ordered a 2023 MS Plaid in July. I gave the RN to the Tesla Loyalty guy and asked please have it so I can return the car on the same day I pick up the new one. No problem he...
  24. C

    Lease Application Monthly Income Gross or Net?

    Just a quick question, usually loan/lease applications specify that one should enter gross or net income. Tesla's doesn't. Which do I enter? Not interested in philosophizing about financing vs. leasing or that there are updates coming. We're leasing a 3 Long Range, end of story. Just need to...
  25. T

    Tesla lease return with incorrect mileage deduction fee- please help

    Hi, I found $1,400 + tax mileage deduction fee in the final quote that was miscalculated (there is over 2,000 miles remaining in balance) as was about to return the vehicle. Contacted Lease Return team and they acknowledge it's a "system error" but the only available solution is to pay the...
  26. T

    Looking to takeover Model 3 or Model Y Lease - (San Francisco / Bay Area)

    Hi Everyone! Interested in taking over a lease of a Model 3 or Model Y ASAP. In the SF Bay area. Let me know if you have any leads or if there's better place to check for Tesla lease swaps.
  27. G

    Looking for someone to take over my Model 3 Lease - 35 months , Boston, MA

    I'm looking for someone to take over my model 3 lease. I am in Boston, MA. I've only put about 500 miles on it and realized it's not right for me. The payments are $620 a month and looking for $2,000 down payment. Can provide pictures if you're interested
  28. A

    2021 Model Y Lease Take over Miami

    Hello, in Miami looking for someone to take over the lease of a red Model Y SR with black induction wheels. 5 seater with black interior. Monthly is $556. Lease expires Feb 2024. Current miles are 20xxx. With 36k allowed. Preferably be in the south Florida area for an easier transaction...
  29. A

    Nhs Fleet solutions

    What’s everyone’s experience using NHS fleet solutions for ordering? Just ordered a Y and they mentioned delivery around October - December.
  30. xy4co

    2021 Tesla Model Y (Lease Transfer)

    Greetings, everyone! I'm looking for someone to take over my Model Y lease. I did lots of road-tripping in the last year and have no plans of doing more. Details below! - Located in Oregon. - Black exterior, black interior. - Lease ends May 2024. - Payment to Tesla is $480/month. - Current...
  31. J

    Totaled model 3

    Hello, I recently totaled my M3 LR which was being lease. So a little confusing (See pictures) 19. Says they are entitled to proceeds regarding damage/destruction 29. Says “We will credit you for any excess of the insurance settlement over the adjusted lease balance.” My cars value at time...
  32. O

    Model Y lease take over (or finance)

    Greetings all, First time buyer looking to take over a lease for a Model Y (or X) or buy via financing. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing to travel to pick it up or pay for delivery. I would like something with a monthly payment between 400-650, 2+ years remaining on the lease, and $10k+...
  33. calikid

    Model S Plaid Lease Question (technical)

    I have a 2021 Plaid with 12k miles. Has FSD and enrolled in beta and all options. I paid 137k and the same vehicle now is in the 150k’s. My Plaid is a lease. I’ve paid on it a year and I owe 112k. I was offered from a Ford dealership today 128k to buy it. I had the rear qtr panel replaced...
  34. B

    My MX is ready 6 months early—what now?

    I have a MX with 6 months more on the lease. Given supply chain issues, I ordered a new MX (Plaid) about 2-3 months ago to make sure I had the new one before my current MX lease expires. The original delivery window I was given was Oct-Dec. But I just got a text asking me to schedule delivery...
  35. A

    Looking for a lease takeover :)

    Hi all! I’m looking to take over a lease (Model Y) preferred. I’m located in Northern CA but willing to travel to pick it up within reason. Ideally looking to keep payment <$900/mo w/ at least 2 years remaining on the lease. Any leads are appreciated! Thanks :)
  36. S

    Lease return nightmare model X

    So I leased a model X in 2018, my lease ended in 9/2021, and I decided to extend it for another 3 months, so my new end lease date was 12/2021. All payments for the past 39 months were made on time. December comes around and I tried calling to schedule my return, but all I got from tesla reps...
  37. J

    Looking for Lease Takeover - Northern California Bay Area - Model 3 or Y

    Hi everyone! New here, so hopefully posting in the correct place. I’m in Northern California (San Francisco) and am looking to takeover a lease on a Model 3 or Y. Ideally, at least two years left with a minimum of 10,000 per year mileage allowance. Preferred payment of $600 or less per...
  38. D

    Lease Transfer 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black Exterior / Black Interior (Los Angeles)

    Lease Transfer 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black Exterior / Black Interior Delivered June 22 2021. Lease Maturity - June 2024 12,000 miles / year $6000 Down + $696.39 / month 7600 miles on the odometer showing 350mi at 100% Thanks for reading!
  39. T

    Canada/Ontario - lease buyout experience

    Can anyone explain the lease buyout process for Ontario? Thus far, I've paid the residual balance, was informed by the leasing team (US) that the buyout had been completed from their end and someone from Tesla somewhere in Ontario would contact me to sort out the paperwork and get the...
  40. M

    Tesla Model Y Financing and Lease Questions

    Hi folks, So I have delivery coming for a model y next week. I have been waiting for this since 09/2021. I have been in a dilemma on financing my model y due to some religious issue. Long story short, I can’t take a loan with any interest involved. I can however pay higher purchase price(I.e...
  41. M

    Paint Protective Film on Leased Tesla?

    Just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Refreshed, and was thinking of having PPF (paint protective film) professionally applied to the front. However, this car is on a 3-year lease and Tesla leases don't have a buyout provision, so the car is definitely going back to Tesla after three years...
  42. T

    Lease Registration Issues

    I received delivery of my leased MYP in September ‘21 and I still have no tags…. I moved from CA to AZ before I took delivery, and I did update Tesla of my new address in AZ. For CA and AZ, Tesla states they will handle the complete registration but they never registered my MYP in either state...
  43. P

    Looking for model 3

    Looking to take over a model 3 lease. Located in SF Bay area. Prefer a local transfer but willing to drive in California for right deal.
  44. J

    Lease and tax question

    Hi, I just placed my order 4/7 (M3LR, white, black, 19”, no fsd) Its set to cash so when I can to change to a lease, will this go through tesla or do I need to find my own? Also is the lease calculator on the website correct? Is tax exempt, I’m in NJ? Does tesla not charge it or I have to submit...
  45. J

    wtb model 3 Lease takeover in Ontario, Canada

    Hi, Looking for someone in Ontario or perhaps Quebec that has a Tesla model 3 lease that they're looking to get rid of. Would love to grab from you! Let me know any details. Located an hour west from Toronto.
  46. E

    Lease ending in 1 year, looking to stay with Tesla. What is the prodecure?

    Considering: the car market right now the delivery time of Teslas the chip shortage ..is this something I need to jump on way in advance? If so, what do i actually do to get started? Do I just go through the same steps when I was a new customer? Or is there another set of steps that existing...
  47. H

    Lease Takeover Dallas, TX

    I’m looking to takeover someone’s lease on a Model Y. I’m located in Dallas but flexible in terms of where you’re located. Anyone willing to transfer their lease?
  48. B

    Looking for a lease takeover - South Florida Area

    Hey everyone I am looking to take over a lease for a model 3 sr+ or LR. Only looking for 2021 and up. Also interested in a model y if the monthly payment is in the same range. Please reach out! Thanks!
  49. M

    Looking for a lease takeover - Bay Area

    Hey everyone, I'm interested in taking over a lease for a Model 3 either SR+ or LR. Preferably a 2021 model. Model Y would also be of interest if the monthly payment is $650 or below. Let me know! Thanks!
  50. B

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    My lease comes up in December of 2022. I'd like to upgrade to a new MX, but when I checked on delivery times just now, it says January 2023. Can I order a new one now, in the hope that there won't be too much of a gap between when my lease ends (12/20 I think) and when I get the new MX? Would...