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  1. K

    Dealings with SmartLeasing?

    Hi All! First post, but just wanted to ask this question on here and see what other people’s experience was like. Has anyone had dealings leasing a Tesla through SmartLeasing? Unfortunately they are the only company my employer has dealings with (Government Employee) so don’t have much of a...
  2. D

    Newbie seriously considering leasing UK - sense check

    **disclaimer I have searched and read lots online and on this amazing forum about leasing, yet still I had some questions. My friends and family all seemingly use PCP so no one to test my understanding. Mods feel free to merge this** Background: Currently have a BMW M135i due to various...
  3. Smiddy

    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Hi all, Just wondering how many other people are getting their M3 through a lease company rather than directly from Tesla? and if you have heard anything since you ordered it? I know its a bit unlikely as there are a lot of reservation holders still waiting. I am still hopefully it will be...
  4. J

    Hello I’m Jeremy Jones with EV Fleet

    Hi I am an avid Tesla fan . I have owned the Tesla Model S 85 and due to me becoming bored with the speed of that car I have, just yesterday got into the P85 Model S !!! I actually named my new car Jeremy’s Fighter Jet because that is exactly what It is . My pastimes include Hunting Hellcats ...
  5. J

    In praise of leasing the Model 3

    Leasing is generally not a financially-optimal strategy, but I really love the "perqs" of leasing, which basically all boil down to not caring about the long-term performance of the car. The benefits are: 1. Known / guaranteed financial cost over 3 years, and no need to have to deal with...
  6. T

    Buying Advice - Model 3 SR+

    Evening everyone, I'm looking to Lease a Model 3 SR+. I've done some digging on the forum and can see people lease from many different companies. It does appear that a good majority of people use Zenauto/Driveelectric however. Searching the internet for quotes Zenauto seem to be the only one...
  7. O

    Premium connectivity ended as a leasing customer

    My premium connectivity has ended and I'm a leasing customer. I'd be more than willing to pay for it if anyone knows of a way to do so? Has any other leasing customer facing this issue?
  8. W

    Leasing a MY

    How long before Tesla offers leasing on the Model Y? Any idea.
  9. kristezla

    Bomb Diggity Leasing & Tax Question!

    Hi all! Newbie future-Tesla owner here. Placing an order for my MX on thursday (right before the FSD price goes up Aug 16) and was wondering, for financial planning, how does TT&L work with a lease through tesla? I'm in TX and typically i roll the tax into the payments since I can without...
  10. Big4Blue

    New S Owner: My First Tesla Buying Experience, Growing Pains

    Not sure where to post this, but saw the article stating this forum is where to post feedback to escalations. I have been sitting on this for a few weeks. Updates to my story below: I finally decided to join the EV World. After doing the most exhaustive research I have ever done for my next...
  11. David29

    Anyone ever terminate their lease early -- and then buy the car?

    My Model S is leased. I did that for risk management and to provide more options. But I realize leasing for individuals (vs. businesses) is inherently an expensive way to "rent" a car. My lease has a bit more than a year to go but I am already thinking about what to do when it is up. One...
  12. jmcclureXPA

    Business lease vs Business finance?

    My X is in transit and Tesla is ready to schedule delivery. I'd like to register the vehicle in my business name and finance it. I haven't had great success getting good options through the delivery specialist who seems more like an order taker... The lease program does not seem like a good...
  13. O

    Lease Assumption - 2014 Loaded S P85D

    I have a 2014 (late Dec) S P85D in near perfect condition, not a scratch, loaded ($134,000 MSRP) with all options except for the rear facing seats, and carbon interior. I'm looking for someone that is interested in assuming the balance of my lease. I have 15 months left, The payment is $742+ tax...
  14. M

    Lease Approved, questions about cap cost reduction

    Hi everyone, I got my leasing application approved by Tesla today (Model S 60) after weeks of back and forth and I was wondering if you guys could give me your input on the estimates they gave me (see attached picture). I find the cap cost reduction quite high. I am fairly new to car leases...
  15. R

    Looking to Swap a Lease on Model S 90D ASAP!

    Looking to upgrade to P90DL ASAP so I'm looking for someone to take over my current lease. 2016 Model S 90D All-Wheel Drive Range Upgrade Red Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels Black Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Décor Black Alcantara Headliner Supercharger...
  16. D

    Buy or Lease Model 3

  17. S

    Final Lease Agreement Timing?

    We are scheduled to take delivery of a Model S inventory car tomorrow! According to our DS and the Tesla Financing guys, we were supposed to get final lease terms and numbers 24-48 hours before delivery day, which has now long passed. I tried to get in contact with both teams earlier today with...
  18. A

    Renting out a leased Model X on Turo ?

    I know it might be better to post this question in a more general forum, however I decided to make it here in case there is any difference in leasing terms of Model S and of Model X. I am one of the earliest owner who will take delivery on Model X 75D (my configuration of 70D was confirmed in...
  19. engle

    FYI: Tesla Leasing Program "Happiness Guarantee"

    In another X thread: Terrible Tesla customer service the O.P. is unhappy that Tesla won't remove the $750 option fee for "Dark Ash Wood" decor, since it's now free and their vehicle hasn't been delivered yet. Someone suggested that they lease their vehicle and then return it under the...
  20. Jumper

    Leasing / Lending Order of Operations

    Got my VIN today. Exciting!!! Now on to the less exciting bit where I have to confirm how I'd like to pay for this thing. Is there anything binding about immediately completing Tesla's credit application for vehicle leasing/lending? I'd like to explore 3rd party loan providers (credit unions...
  21. engle

    Tesla Finance: Production X Leasing Details & Top-Tier US Bank Financing Rates

    During "Alpha Release" :redface: of the Tesla Leasing and Tesla Lending "Apply online" links on Friday, I called Tesla Finance to inquire about the leasing money factor and residuals, and the top-tier financing rates for various terms. They appear to be the same/similar to Model S. Here they...
  22. engle

    NEW Production "Tesla Leasing" "Tesla Lending" "Other Financing" "Cash" in myTesla

    I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH TESLA FINANCE. DO NOT APPLY FOR LEASING OR FINANCING YET - UNTIL THE CONFIGURATOR IS RELEASED!! This functionality was released prematurely. We aren't supposed to see it until after we configure, which auto-populates the "TOTAL VEHICLE PRICE" field. If you apply...
  23. engle

    Model X California Leasing

    Since I have a very early P83 production reservation, I spent 2.5 hours at the Fremont Factory Store on Saturday morning, 9/19/2015, to learn as much as I could about Model X in order to prepare myself to configure and lease it for my business. This post covers what I learned about Model X...

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