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  1. S

    2 Sets AlphaRex PRO-Series LED Tail lights (Red & Black) $375 Shipped

    Hello, Have 2 sets of AlphaRex LED Tail lights (Red and Black) BNIB. Do not work on Model Y with yellow turn signals...
  2. W

    3LR: DRL in FOGs like US. I Want!!

    I have a M3 Long Range Dual Motor, imported from Germany (china build). It has the fog lights and the thin, led- accent stripe, that comes on with the fog lights. I see some US models have that accent stripe, light up with the eyebrows. (And the headlights). It looks awesome and somehow adds...
  3. N

    Footwell Lights - Non ultra-bright

    All - I just installed the ultra-bright footwell lights (in white) from Abstract Ocean in my 2022 MYLR; both front and back. While I like the functionality, I am not a big fan of the color temperature.....a bit too stark-white IMO. The mods over at TeslaTap have written up an article on how to...
  4. .FP.

    Driver side headlight - 2020 Model S - Free

    Up for grabs is a used headlight (driver side) from a 2020 Model S Long Range Plus LED 1053570-00-F. This headlight was working perfectly when removed. There is damage to the rear housing and there is a crack in the lense. The tabs seem to all still be in place. See photos below. Local pick...
  5. SteelClouds

    Custom tuning of ambient light color

    I picked up a set of extra bright OzbiumX LEDs for a couple of reasons.. pig tails.. special LEDs for the foot well and good quality. I got them in white because I wanted white light for the doors but I really didnt want uber bright white in the footwells. I used to be a professional...
  6. AndrewApple12

    Downgrading headlights (how do I read LIN signals)?

    I currently own a 2018 model s. The led headlights on it are terrible. ive had them replaced 3 times under warrant and the are still having problem. Teslas asking price for replacements is $3,298 and I didn’t want to pay for headlights that are going to fail again. I want to put in the pre...
  7. mmyers300

    Spreading Christmas Cheer with 5500 LEDs

    My neighbor and I got a little out of hand with the Christmas lights this year 🙃
  8. 8

    Footwell lights daytime?

    My M3 is coming soon and I’m already planning to replace the footwell lights. Q: Are they on in the daytime or just at night? Can they be set for daytime?
  9. ejfirestar

    passenger footwell lights removal

    Is there an easier way to remove the footwell lights from the passenger footwell? They won't pop out from the front easily with a spudger, and I removed the entire panel they are in and still can't get the clips to pop out.
  10. strykeroz

    Light bar upgrade in Aus: suggestions & where have you mounted your switch?

    Hi guys After a few near misses with skippies late at night recently I'm considering a light bar for the model 3 for under the front bumper lip. The high beam I think is great for distance, but I'm looking for something to illuminate the roadsides - and the fog lights are helpful, but not...
  11. B

    Refresh headlights on Pre-facelift MS *opinion*

    Member for awhile now and just getting to my first post. I have a MS P85D and was looking into some custom lights... Mainly blacking the housing, frosting the DRLs, and maybe sequential signal modules. With just the 2 options doing this work on the headlights would be close to a grand if I sent...
  12. A

    Tail Light Outer LEDs Not Working

    Hello, Has anyone experienced the outer LEDs in their tail lights (the 3 little LEDs close the charging port) not working while the rest of the tail light is functioning perfectly? This is on the drivers side. Everything works great on the opposite side. If yes, is this and easy fix or do I...
  13. ShawnA

    LED, Ambient Center Console or LED, Glove Box - Do yours work???

    Hi Roadsters, I was reading the Roadster Parts Manual and I saw the "LED, Ambient Center Console" listed. I can feel it with my hand under the gear selector buttons on the console. I am sure it does not work. The LED in the glove box does not work either... Do yours work? Do you have a better...
  14. S

    2014 Model S HID to LED Replacement

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find a bring alternative for the HID bulbs on my Model S. Found one in Amazon and according to a review, a user did install it on a prefacelift Model S and got it to work. Anyone else tried this? DZG D1S D1R D3S D3R LED Headlight Bulbs 6000K Bright White 2 Yr...
  15. A

    Model S Vanity Mirror Lighting Upgrade

    Hi All, No vanity mirror light for Model S? This is a pretty minor inconvenience but still a surprising one given the complexity of these cars. Has anyone looked into upgrading/modifying these mirrors to include a light? I'm imagining a battery powered (or solar-charged) LED as the hassle to...
  16. McGillUSAF

    Headlight retrofit

    I'm currently trying to do a LED headlight retrofit on a 2013 P85. I need help finding the wiring harness part number for the headlights on a 2017 Model S. I have the headlights on hand and would like to try to change the harness out and reprogram the vehicle vs opening the headlight and...
  17. Californiates

    LED to HID adapter Model S 2012-2016

    LED – HID emulator for TESLA MODEL S – (2012 – 2016.06) With that EMULATOR You can connect LED (New face headlights) to old Tesla Model S with HID lights. Emulator job make analog inputs to digital and send to LED headlamp. Tesla Model S Led to Hid emulator, adapter, Connect Led Headlight To...
  18. _abridged

    Hardwire a cigarette plug accessory into the car?

    Hey folks, I've been using this LED footwell light system for a few months now that plugs into the cigarette lighter; I've noticed that whenever I leave the car, the lights stay on, witch obviously leads to bad battery drainage. I'm wondering if anyone has found a wire they can tap into like a...
  19. K

    Armrest sensor LED?

    Has anyone found a good center console armrest LED solution? I'm looking for a small stick on, battery-powered LED that ideally turns on automatically when the armrest is opened.
  20. tizio

    It looks like it could fly, so I built some runway lights

    My mirrors have only one inch clearance through our garage door, so I need high precision when I park. Current version AP2 Summon always parks too crooked for all four doors to be usable, so I built a tool to help me park perfectly every time: More images These runway lights are placed to be...
  21. Haxster

    Any non-LED illumination?

    On current production cars with PUP, is there any non-LED illumination left? From what I can tell on my MS, anything that generates light appears to be LED now.
  22. C

    Bluetooth Leds for Tesla Emblem

    I am interested in adding lighting to Tesla emblems on the front and rear. Similar to as shown 1)Lighted T for Tesla Model S 2) These seems to a single color and second one has a remote to have it blink. Probably asking too much but are there any multi-colored/single leds with bluetooth...
  23. brantse

    Replaced Halogens with LED's

    Last week I had a headlamp burn out, which interestingly enough is indicated by the "toy car" on the instrument cluster. As my car is not equipped with the tech package, it is equipped with halogen lamps. Considering there's probably not a lot of vehicles out there without the TP, this won't...
  24. benjiejr

    Ultra-Bright LED Interior Lights

    I recently purchased and installed the ultra-bright LED interior lights from Abstract Ocean; I have no affiliation with Abstract Ocean. I have the Premium Interior Lighting Package and feel this is how this upgrade should have come delivered. There are 13 LEDs to replace if you want to replace...
  25. H

    LED headlight upgrade to Model S

    My 2013 Model S has halogen headlights (non-tech package) which are very dim. Several members have successfully upgraded to HID Xenon with the Kensun kits available on Amazon...
  26. benjiejr

    Halogen Bulb LED Replacement

    Replacement of the halogen license plate and side marker bulbs with LEDs:
  27. pete8314

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    As some of you might know, I've been selling replacement LED bulbs for the licence plate for a while now, and they've been very well received. The manufacturer I use is a major OEM out of Taiwan, and their quality is excellent, but not cheap. I've been working with them for the past few...