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lemon law

  1. hirtaza

    Brand New Model Y - Tech’s cant fix it (Can I lemon it? Ontario CA)

    Hey guys…not sure if anyone has had any experience with this any insight or personal experience would be helpful Picked up my Brand new Model Y on June 22nd 2023…on June 25th, I was leaving my house and a block away I got the error stating Pull over immediately, electrical functions of the car...
  2. D

    Bad drive unit?

    Hi. so my 2013 model s85 would not start with codes Dl_w126, MCU_w012 and BMS_w035. Car may not testart. I unplugged the 12v battery overnight. Then the next day plugged it back in. Then I get DI_u014, GTW_W017,GTW_w017,GTW_W018, GTW_W157, BMS_F027. Sorry thats a lot of codes. I scheduled...
  3. D

    Model S Lemon California

    My advice based on my experience is to hire an attorney and do not fall for Tesla lemon buy back by calling Tesla direct. So I have a 2021 Model S that I bought used in 2021 ( because back then the wait to buy new was long).The car had 20000 mile on it when I bought . I just hit 50K mile mark...
  4. P

    Model S Plaid leaves me stranded; almost 30 days in service - No lemon law. What now?

    First, I wanted to just thank everyone in this community who has contributed to such an invaluable resource. I have learned so much and am grateful for the amount of time that you all have saved me. I genuinely mean this— so thank you! The following is my attempt to articulate my experience...
  5. Steve21

    Model S P100D lemon

    Hello everyone! I bought A 2017 Model S P100D back in 2020 and test drove it rigorously and found no issues mechanically. Even had 2 repair shops take a took as well and same result, it also passed inspection. The title is a lemon law repurchase according to the title. My question is how can I...
  6. N

    2022 Model Y - car broke down under 1000 miles

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my experience owning a 2022 Model Y Performance. It has been extremely disappointing to say the least. After driving about 600 miles, my car broke down completely at a super charger and has been in the service center for over 20 days now. Here's the timeline...
  7. B

    Had my Y for three months, five weeks in service center

    Had my Y since end of March, unfortunately it had same fault about restrain system error, has been serviced four times, at this point it still sitting in service centre waiting for parts, ETA is end of the week, was told parts might be on B/O. First time mobile service, fixed and only good for...
  8. L

    Autopilot features unavailable, car in shop

    hey everyone, my brand new model 3 was delivered at the end of June. First thing when I got into the car I noticed the notification in the photo attached. Didn’t think much of it and took the car off the lot. Well, as I kept driving my new vehicle I noticed that this alert would alert me almost...
  9. E

    sway bar+link replacement: safety issue or minor noise issue?

    My relatively new 2018 Model S (< 5k miles) started having loud clanking noise when turning. I took it to Tesla service center. The technician said they need to replace pair of front sway bar+links. The sway bars were not in stock therefore they had to order them. The sway bars have not arrived...
  10. R

    Lemon Law for Faulty Turn Signal Stock?

    I’m writing this post in hopes of gettings some thoughts and opinions on my situation. Also, to possibly hear of other owners that have gone through similar situations with Tesla. I got my Model 3 SR+ in August 2019. After a few months of ownership, I started having issues with the turn signal...
  11. I

    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    My model 3 which is under 1 year old, with recurrent safety restraint issues, repaired 4 times, the first time just diagnostic, second, third and fourth with parts replaced. Did well for a month after last repair, back to same issues, including complete brake failure last time. I have initiated...
  12. B

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    Two days ago, my new Model 3 died in the middle of a busy street in midtown Manhattan during rush hour, tying up traffic for 45 minutes. I took delivery of my Model 3 one month ago (6/19). After two weeks and 300 miles, got the "replace 12v battery soon" message. Tesla replaced the battery...
  13. S

    I have a lemon! What do I do?

    I’m confident my Model X is a lemon now. I have had issue after issue since I bought it, and it only has 4000 miles and I’ve had it since May. Some issues: -I’ve needed the cooling system repaired TWICE. -The passenger door motor was busted the day I picked up the car. They let me drive off...
  14. E

    Lemon law

    My first Model 3 failed inspection and after waiting more than 2 weeks for a part, I refused delivery. My second Model 3, I upgraded to the performance edition and was super happy with the car for exactly 600 miles when it then broke down. It’s been in the shop 35 days now. I’ve contacted the...
  15. C

    X items

    I have three X items to get rid of. I have a trunk liner from Tesla (the all weather one) and a NEMA 10-30 P adapter for the Tesla charger, and a center console magnetic charging tray. Details available upon message to [email protected]. Tesla bought my X back on lemon and I am moving on.
  16. Z

    The Saga Continues: Starting to Regret My Purchase

    Here is an update on the previous thread: "I'm curious if anyone else out there has had a lot of issues in a short time or if I drew the short straw? I purchased my 3 AWD exactly 1 month ago to the day. I arrived at the delivery center barely containing my excitement. I signed the paperwork...
  17. L

    Screen reboot in loop, lemon?

    My car was delivered end of May 2018, touch screen rebooted the second day when I was driving. Ever since then, it reboot itself randomly on daily basis. Last August went to SC and the lead technician told me it's well known software issue, next firmware update would fix it. it did so for a...
  18. J

    Tesla refusing to show me my own logs?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently dealing with several issues with my 2018 Model S which is forcing me to open a lemon law claim. To substantiate one of my claims (that the car is randomly braking on the interstate) I would like to see my car's logs with my own eyes. After my latest interactions...
  19. B

    Lied to in Writing about Reimbursement by Tesla -- Anyone Else?

    Friends, In the first 55 days of my new Model S ownership, Tesla had the car in its shop for 38 days over 3 different stays. I custom-ordered the vehicle with every option upgrade included. The loaded car's problems have included 12v battery being dead within 5 days and then somehow dead again...
  20. M

    Model X - Anyone in process or filed Lemon Law ?

    Hello , I am a Tesla Model X owner for over a year now. However, after 6 or 7 times repaired on the falcon wing doors, issue still remaining. Has anyone filed or in process with Lemon Law in Los Angeles area or CA ? Can you share your experience and how it works out ? Ps: I scheduled my...
  21. C

    Make Lemonade out of a Lemon?

    This message is for anyone that experienced their dream Tesla, turn into a nightmare car? I need advice on what to do next and if there has been any experiences where Tesla steps up to do the right thing by all of us Tesla enthusiasts that have supported the company from Day 1. I've had my Tesla...
  22. T

    Tesla sued under Wisconsin Lemon Law

    Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Sued Under Wisconsins Lemon Law Anyone, has more info?