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level 2 charging

  1. V

    Public Level 2 Chargers vs Superchargers - Cost Comparisons?

    I am looking for more data points on what you guys have experienced with public level 2 charging in terms of cost. We lost the free charging at my work place and now they are charging (CAD) $0.03/min for the 5kW max power chargers. I am coordinating with the other tenants to see if we can...
  2. N

    Charging problem Flo level 2 model S 70D 2016

    Hi, after driving for 1 hour in the cold (-6°C) I tried to recharge on a level 2 terminal (called Flo in Quebec), in a heated parking lot at the Westin Resort & Spa at Mont Tremblant. I have an S model. I tried to change the small adapter with the neighbour, change terminals... still the same...
  3. L

    Level 1 vs. Level 2 Charging Cost?

    Hey guys, I just purchased my brand new Model Y 2 weeks ago and I’m down to 500 miles of the 1,000 I was given for the referral bonus or whatever. I’m stuck between upgrading to a level 2 charging solution or staying at level 1. I drive about 30-40 miles per day and I usually charge about 30-40...
  4. socal_my

    Tapping from Home AC supply: Any possible issues?

    Since I live in a condo, installing Level2 charger is a bit complicated. But, my Air conditioner supply is right outside the garage. I see that another Tesla owner in the community was able to get an electrician drill from inside the garage to reach the AC supply (which is 240V 30A) and create a...
  5. R

    Duosida Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger, J1772, 23' cord

    (Mods - if this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know or move this - thank you!) For sale is a Duosida Level 2 Portable EVSE Charger with a 23' Cord. This model uses a NEMA 14-30 plug to a J1772. This will charge a Tesla (utilizing the J1772 adapter) as well as a variety of...
  6. X

    Level 2 charging compatible with Tesla/others

    Hi, I have a deposit for the model 3 which I will hopefully get in 2 years. I may buy a model S or another EV (looking into $99 a month Fiat 500E) until then. Ideally I would rather install a level 2 charger with the tesla standard. If I were to install a NEMA 1450 (which is the standard for...