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level 5

  1. fasteddie7

    Limitations of the nvidia px2 and hw1

    After reading this article today in electrek: First picture of Tesla’s new NVIDIA onboard supercomputer for Autopilot installed in a car It seems that the current hw2 vehicles can realistically achieve level 4 with the processing power of the current chipset, and although a swap out for newer...
  2. C

    Speculate - will Full Self Driving have settings/preferences or be one-size-fits-all?

    What do you y'all think? Will we be able to configure a preference for the left/middle/right lane on highways? Set preferences for when to pass other cars, etc? Or will Tesla keep things super simple and keep all that away from us?
  3. G

    some examples of where level 5 autonomy might have difficulty

    " Say you're driving down a two-way street and there's a lorry unloading a delivery in the opposite lane. The oncoming traffic needs to pull out into your lane to overtake. What do you do?" See this well argued BBC article Would you bully a driverless car or show it respect? - BBC News and I've...
  4. Ø

    Can level 5 Autonomy be achieved with Hardware suite 2.0?

    For level 5 Autonomous driving (driving without anyone in the drivers seat or in the car) Elon Musk has previously stated that the system needs to have redundancy on all levels. I can not see that this system has the required redundancy to achieve this. For instance there is only one computer...