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  1. Tam

    Stolen by CAN Injection in 90 seconds

    The video recorded how thieves were able to steal Lexus RX in 90 seconds by accessing the headlight through the wheel arch. Headlights are controlled by ECU (electronic control unit). From there, a thief can reprogram the ECU to unlock the door and drive away. Thus, it's called CAN Injection...
  2. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  3. E

    When will Tesla create luxury COMFORTABLE seats?

    I love the X but come on! SO hard and narrow, even for a small female like myself. Please take a cue from Lexus and Mercedes in ergonomics!
  4. JPP

    Always charged, always ready

    Not sure if you have seen the new Lexus ad campaign for their hybrid lineup. The tag line is: Always charged, always ready Running scared, huh??
  5. Whistle2Whine

    Luxury+Performance - What Else Would be Considered?

    Background: I've been lurking for over a year here and finally FINALLY will be in position to have a Model S within the next month (CPO). The problem is that I'm a PERFORMANCE shopper, first and foremost. I have been driving a modified VW GTI (remapped software, suspension upgrades) for a few...