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license plate frame

  1. N

    Do I need to remove rear plate bracket for silicone frame?

    I ordered a popular silicone frame, but it’s too thick for the oem M5-08x6mm to secure the plate into the bracket holes. I ordered M05-08x12mm screws since the frame measures 1/4” in width. I’m wondering if the frame is going to be sticking out too much on top of the bracket, which kind of...
  2. T

    WTB: Refresh Model X License Plate Frame

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a black 'Model X' license plate frame that come with the new 2022 Model X refreshes. None of the service centres nearby seem to ever have for purchase. I'm located in Vancouver, BC and will pay for shipping (domestic or international). Thanks for looking!
  3. J

    Model 3 Rear License Plate Frame

    Unfortunately, during my drive today with my Model 3, the rear license plate fell off and pretty much long gone... It looks like I won't be able to simply screw in a temporary plate as the rear requires a specific frame... Any one have any suggestions on where I could get a replacement rear...
  4. gundarx

    Abstract Ocean license plate frame

    I really like the way these look, and match the satin/matte black finish of the MY trim. Fully anodized metal, and OEM quality throughout. I am really impressed with the product. Every curve, front to back matches OEM; maybe they're produced by same manufacturer as OEM frames? Black frame side...
  5. BoringMod


    Thankful for all the TMC members who helped BORINGmod with designs and testing. I've created an Extra 15% off. Coupon is a limited use and will auto apply for the next 100 orders. Frames are custom made and shipped from Cali. BORINGmod Site The #1 Source for Aftermarket Black Custom License...
  6. BoringMod

    Vendor New Black Tesla Model Y / Model 3 on Black License Plate Frame * 50% off with #BORINGmod tag

    Tesla Black MODEL 3 _ RED Performance Underline License Plate Frame, Dual Motor Metal, No Stickers, Free Returns, Chrome Delete, BORINGmodFirst off thanks for the input from the members, I've made a few more frames based on recent surveys, I hope you guys like the new Midnight Series. Totally...
  7. BoringMod

    Vendor Black on Black License Plate Frames - Model Y and Model 3 BORINGMOD

    New Midnight series License Plate Frames for those who want all black. $27.99 shipped with black screw caps. These are custom after market plates made with high quality aluminum. The art work is printed. MODEL 3 /// Double Black Metal License Plate Frame - Midnight Series Loving the support as...
  8. iSpyLife

    Model Y license plate frames!

    So, since there is nothing on the rear of the car that says "Model Y", Ive been looking for a non-chrome replacement to the chrome (thanks for the chrome frame that doesn't match my stock chrome delete Tesla!). I came upon these three options and thought I'd share incase anyone else is looking...
  9. BoringMod

    Vendor Carbon Fiber License Plate frames / Slim For Chrome Delete

    Tons of customers wanted a license plate frame that went well with Chrome Delete it has Performance models. These carbon fiber are similar to Tesla’s Model 3 license plates. I found a manufacturer that has a patented design that Does not block different states registration stickers...
  10. chadcristi

    A BETTER NO-drilling, NO-adhesives Front License Plate Mounting Solution

    As the owners of a Model X and Model S, we dreaded the thought of drilling holes through our bumper or applying strong adhesives to the finish just to mount a license plate in an effort to avoid the cost and hassle of being ticketed. Previously, we had taken the chance of running "naked" for...
  11. M

    Request for pics of cars WITH the front license plate

    Looked through the last 30 pages of the production photos thread. Almost all of the pics are from delivery day, so nobody has a plate on yet :) Most of the others don't have a good shot of the front. Yeah, I know...don't put a front plate on. This is not that thread (please). Required in my...
  12. PoitNarf

    Did your Model 3 come with the rear license plate frame?

    So I bought several accessories for my Model 3 before I took delivery on Thursday. One of the items I bought is the Model 3 license plate frame: Model 3 License Plate Frame When I took delivery I noticed them attaching this very same frame to my car with my temp tag in the back. They told me...