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  1. Triumphz28

    FS: Tesla Model X Front License Plate Holder - TorkLift The Law - 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

    $85 + plus S&H or Free Local Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 Tesla Model X Front License Plate Holder - TorkLift The Law - 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 From The Manufacturer TorkLiftCentral: The Tesla Model X front license plate holder is designed specifically to fit your vehicle without...
  2. M

    Can I only use the front 2 jack points?

    Hey Guys! Quick question for you all... Can I use my Safe Jack jack stands on the front 2 jack points only on my Tesla Model 3? I went over a pot hole and discovered that the front skid plate got damaged in the process resulting in an ugly knocking noise whenever I drive over 45 mph. It's a...
  3. T

    Different Diameter Tires on Front and Rear Axel?

    I recently ordered snow tires and new wheels for my MYP as well as the MPP 1.75" lift kit. (a similar set up to what is discussed in this thread). I got slightly wider and larger diameter for the rear axel vs the front axel (255/60R19 rear vs. 245/55R19 front), mostly for aesthetic reasons...
  4. D

    Looking for some dimensions for all Tesla models

    Hi folks I am a developer and am in the process of making lifting equipment for electric cars. I want to hear about what the length is between the lifting points across the car (Center to center) in the front and in the rear. I would be happy if you wrote it in mm or cm. And how deep is the hole...
  5. ICE collector

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands for Model S, X. 3, Y NIB

    Set of 4 Jack stands, in box never used, $550 new. Asking $400, pickup or deliver anywhere in So Florida.
  6. M

    Switching from Jeep Grand Cherokee to Model Y Performance - Ground clearance issues?

    Hi all, First post. ;) I appreciate all the info you have been discussing around concerning the Tesla's. Since I've test drove a Model S, I've been waiting for the appropriate family SUV to come out of Tesla. I'v been waiting as much as I can to replace my 2011 JGC for the Cybertruck...
  7. D

    Do not allow a third part of put your Roadster on a lift (properly placed jack okay)

    I did some searching on TMC, and I could not find a post that mentioned this, so I thought its worthy of posting. After having some service on a 1.5 , I asked about having a state inspection. I was told that the Tesla service centers in New York don't offer this, as they would need to make the...
  8. R

    Jackpoint jack stands

    I finally got the chance to try them today while swapping my wheels for my winter set, and I want to say that they worked really well. Robust construction, and the standard pad that came with it was the right size (no overlap with the battery area - I used the rubber pad with the pin).
  9. R

    Liftgate height setting

    Hi, Page 10 of the manual reads: 1. Open the liftgate, then lower it to the desired opening height. 2. Press and hold the button on the underside of the liftgate for two seconds until you hear a confirmation beep. 3. Confirm that you have set it to the desired height by closing the liftgate...