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  1. T

    Trunk Squeak, Climate Auto, and Coolant pump(?) problems on 2017 Model S

    I've been noticing a few issues with my Model S 90D for the past few weeks. Wondering what/if there is a fix for them: When I open/close the trunk there is a loud squeaking sound coming from the passenger side power hatch lift support bar. Is this something that I can fix with WD-40 or some...
  2. M

    Lift gate Malfunction, Warranty?

    Has anyone had issues with their MY lift gate? I went to open it and heard a loud bang the other day. I believe the right side malfunctioned/got stuck while the left side countinued to try to open until it slammed shut. Now it won’t open at all. I took it to Springfield who informed me it...
  3. J

    Interior Trunk Door Light Toggle

    Is there a way to turn off the light inside the Model Y trunk lift gate / hatch while the hatch is open? I’d like the option to leave the hatch open without this light activated.
  4. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    It looks like this:
  5. R

    Don't do what I did

    I picked up my Y on Friday and drove it home without incident. I pulled into the garage and congratulated myself on not getting into an accident on its first trip. I then opened the hatch and watched in horror as it hit the open garage door! I almost had a heart attack, but, miraculously...
  6. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 Auto Pilot Warranty 52,000 Miles in NJ

    2015 Tesla S 85 Dark blue Autopilot 1.0, cold weather package, panoramic roof and power lift gate. Full bumper to bumper Tesla warranty until September 2021 or 100,000 miles. Current mileage is 52,000. Title in hand. $38,900
  7. D

    Liftgate Drain Blockage

    Does anyone else have a problem with the drains in the liftgate getting blocked? Mine have both been blocked several times now, you can tell when you get a nice pond forming under the rear spoiler (mine does not have a active spoiler). I’ve tried using a air compressor (from both directions) but...
  8. Knightowl

    WTB used rear liftgate screen shade

    Looking for an extra model S rear hatch sunshade to use in the back for the kiddos, going to double up on shades back there to help with solar heating for longer trips. Brand new I know they are $80 but thought I would check here to see if anyone had one they were done with or otherwise didn't...
  9. S

    Model S Powered Lift gate Struts - Rear Lift Issue

    I have a 2015 Model S 85D, Noticed a design flaw that effect the lift gate struts. Water gets into the lip of the inside of the lift gate. Instead of draining out, the powered struts fill with water. Both lift gate struts are corroded and falling apart at both ends. Looks like something...
  10. G

    Removal of the liftgate without removing the glass

    Hi, my first post. I bought a used Model S P85 in February and LOVE it. Then I did the unthinkable and jammed the liftgate between the garage door and the doorframe and "accordianed" the liftgate and broke the glass. The nausea is just wearing off now, two weeks later. Wait...no it isn't. I...
  11. F

    Automatic Trunk/Frunk

    Has anyone replaced their OEM struts for stronger ones so that the frunk and trunk open automatically once you pop them? I did so with the trunk, but haven’t with the frunk yet. Thinking about it, just seeing if anyone has feedback due to the frunk being thin aluminum. Great having the trunk...
  12. ohmman

    Delayed Boop

    Anyone else have a delayed alert when closing the liftgate on the X? When I tap the button, the liftgate begins to close, then about halfway down I get the "boop." Hence, delayed boop. It isn't a big deal from a safety perspective, it's just weird.
  13. Haxster

    90D Drops $2K

    Besides throwing-in the automatic rear lift gate, it looks like the (near-end-of-life) 90D has dropped $2K. Of course, as a consolation to most previous buyers, unlimited supercharging is gone on the new ones.(But $2K buys a LOT of $0.20 per KWH Supercharger electrons...at least 25K miles!).
  14. hurd300403

    Liftgate Codes, but doesn't make the winding sound?

    Hey all! Longtime lurker here. Just had a strange issue I noticed for the first time in my 2016 85D and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced it? After hitting the close button on the rear trunk it lowers and latches per usual, but no longer makes the winding noise like it used to. Seems...
  15. A

    2016 Obsidian Black 85D AP Cold Weather Premium Interior

    I have for sale an Obsidian Black Metallic, Tesla Model S 85D with 17k miles. This vehicle was purchased new on 3/14/2016. The car has been well taken care of and is super clean. No one has ever smoked inside nor have there ever been animals inside. Specifications 85 kWh Model S Dual Motor...
  16. Petra

    Rear Liftgate Strut Failure

    So, one of the struts that holds up the manual liftgate on my S failed over the weekend while I was out running errands... judging by the grime around the end of the strut, it looks like a seal failed or something. Thankfully my wife was with me, so we traded off acting as human tailgate props...
  17. gotz2ride

    2014 Tesla Model S85 w/o Autopilot For Sale UPDATE: Price Reduced

    2014 Tesla Model S 85 w/19,000 miles $65,000 MOTIVATED TO SELL Price Reduced 2014 Tesla Model S 85, 19,000 miles (higher than previous because we drove it to Ohio from Florida to house hunt), tech package (lift gate), pano roof, turning lights ,Premium Sound Package, tan leather, eco-hitch...
  18. gotz2ride

    2014 Tesla Model S w/o Autopilot For Sale

    2014 Tesla Model S, 15,000 miles, tech package (lift gate), tan leather, eco-hitch with light plug, brand new tires, black power coated wheels. This is a rebuilt title so the price is lower than normal yet there is no differnce than a non-rebuilt. No airbag deployment, with Car Fax to prove it...
  19. kazaam

    Install speakers to trunk liftgate on standard system?

    Have anyone done it? I heard there could be wire already?
  20. R

    Liftgate height setting

    Hi, Page 10 of the manual reads: 1. Open the liftgate, then lower it to the desired opening height. 2. Press and hold the button on the underside of the liftgate for two seconds until you hear a confirmation beep. 3. Confirm that you have set it to the desired height by closing the liftgate...