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  1. Chewy3

    New Homelink issue

    Hey, I've had my model 3 about 5 weeks now (picked up 4/26). I can't get it to detect the signal from my condo gate opener. Brand new batteries in fob Tried holding the button for 30sec & 2sec intervals Close & up to 5 ft away Frunk open & closed Every spot on the bumper from headlight to...
  2. Zluz

    Garage door problems finally solved

    I thought I would share what I learned from my experience with my garage door openers. I had searched for solutions before without luck, so I am posting this here now to hopefully benefit anyone with the same problems. I'll start with some background. Feel free to skip ahead. I have been...
  3. IGotEastBay

    Trick to Programming Homelink With Liftmaster

    Hi All, I have a new 75D and a Liftmaster Professional gate with a red learning button that was manufactured in 2006. I have tried to program homelink and have had no luck. The Tesla headlights flash with the remote but the garage will not open no matter what I do. I've tried fresh batteries in...
  4. Local host

    Homelink and Liftmaster 8500

    I have a liftmaster 8500 garage door opener that I have been unable to set up with homelink. No issues with my wife's rear view mirror mounted homelink on her ICE. My X will receive the signal and acknowledges by flashing the headlights, but then doesn't open the door after I finish...