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  1. D

    2013 Model S Headlight Out (New Bulb, Ballast, and Assembly)

    Title says it all, bulb started flickering and going out. Off and on would reset and it’d fire for about another 2 minutes. While new bulb was in the mail it went out for good. Changed bulb, no luck. Moved to the ballast. Changed that to no avail. Talked to Tesla, they said it would be the...
  2. K

    Truck light keeps shutting off

    Hi everyone. My 2020 TM3 keeps shutting the trunk light off. See a shot video here: trunk light.MOV Is it a software problem or a hardware problem? It has been like this all the time I’ve had the car.
  3. gregdeux

    black dot (bad pixel) in headlights (matrix)

    Tesla tells me to my surprise that the lights I have on my model y with a black dot in each light is completely normal and does not compromise safety. I'm quite surprised at my side because its 2 points visible on the photo form a shadowy area on the left side (left lane) and it always catches...
  4. S

    2022 RWD Footwell door pocket light mod?

    Hello, Has anyone tapped into dome light circuit to add footwell and door pocket lighting to m3 Rwd ? I would like to add footwell and door pocket lights, and for them to turn on/off with the dome lights The easiest way I can think of adding footwell & door pocket lighting would be to tap into...
  5. T

    Model 3 Dome and Visor Lights on and off every few seconds?

    I've been looking all over the internet, on forums and Twitter, with no luck even finding anyone with my problem. I am looking for any tips or suggestions. Ever since v11 all my dome and visor lights turn on and off over and over every few seconds until I put the car in drive. It get really...
  6. J

    Replacement Rear light units

    A cyclist riding on the pavement crashed into my 2019 Model S 100D while I reversed onto our drive yesterday... (he was fine). Both nearside rear light units were cracked and the Tesla decal strip all got broken and needs replacement. Tesla wants £700, so thought I'd search for a second-hand...
  7. G

    Wall charger - Solid Blue Light - Will not charge properly - Solid Blue light equals firmware update needed on the wall charger.

    I wanted to post this so that I could maybe help others with this issue. If you have a solid blue like on your gen 3 tesla wall charger this is a simple firmware update that was fixed by calling the tesla wall charging dept. 877-961-7652 have your wall charger ID number ready. You do not...
  8. J

    Interior Trunk Door Light Toggle

    Is there a way to turn off the light inside the Model Y trunk lift gate / hatch while the hatch is open? I’d like the option to leave the hatch open without this light activated.
  9. P

    Hansshow Ambient Lighting

    Hello I saw that Hansshow is selling an ambiant light kit for a mere 500 ish $.... Does anyone have installed it ? It seems to add buttons in the center console and is a bit more than just the cigar lighter options out there. Thanks. Model 3 Ambient Lighting Kit | Intelligentized Auto Parts |...
  10. AndrewGR

    Model 3 hazard light switch

    Is it just me, or do others think the hazard light switch on the M3 is far too difficult to find in a hurry especially at night? It is illuminated but only if you look up at it from below!
  11. TydalForce

    Pocket Lights

    I've searched the forum and while I can find people asking this, nobody seems to have posted an answer. The door pocket lights were removed from the 2020 Model 3, but - is the wiring still in the door? Same connectors as the other lights or different? I have a 2020 LR AWD manufactured...
  12. Spacep0d

    Brake Light: Regen Braking!

    Greetings Teslarati and fans! I know I'm kinda posting a lot lately because I'm doing a lot of research before ordering my Model 3 in February. I've noticed that with EVs in general and namely with regenerative braking, that brake light is constantly going on. Even if the car maintains a...
  13. K

    knight rider light scanner bar install

    i just ordered a P3 and i’m a die hard Knight rider fan. seeing as tesla is the closest embodiment to KITT as i’m going to get i wanted to see if anyone has installed a scanner light bar on a model 3. where and how they did it. i’m super excited for my car and would love this.
  14. K

    Armrest sensor LED?

    Has anyone found a good center console armrest LED solution? I'm looking for a small stick on, battery-powered LED that ideally turns on automatically when the armrest is opened.
  15. T

    Vendor ReStyle Your Tesla with our white LED Side Marker

    Tired of the yellow/amber light on your side marker? want to give your Tesla a subtle tweak in appearance? At First Impression we are now offering the T10 white LED side marker bulbs for your Tesla Model S. Bring in your Model S and we'll replace them while you wait. Give us a call today to...
  16. C

    FDA approves Laser Headlight, when will Tesla have it?

    FDA approved a weaker version of laser headlight (2 times stronger vs 3 times in Europe) While this is not new in Europe, it is new technology for the US and it got me wondering when the Tesla Model S will start to have it as either standard or part of premium lighting package. My guess is...
  17. Hank42

    Gen 2 door Handles and "puddle light"

    I am a long-time hold out from the original S who's door handles ejected 100% and had no "give" or "flex" that emulates the feel of a traditional car. After a failure of one handle to present, I (reluctantly) agreed to have all 4 replaced with the new(er) gen 2 door handles that present to...