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  1. A

    Available Tesla OEM Model 3 Puddle Lights 2025054-00-A

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla OEM Model 3 Puddle Lights. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Tesla OEM Model 3 Puddle Lights 2025054-00-A

    For sale Tesla OEM Model 3 Puddle Lights 2025054-00-A

    Experience luxury and innovation like never before with Tesla's upgraded welcome light. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser-engraved coated glass technology and five ultra-high-definition full-optical lenses, Tesla Puddle Lights project the iconic TESLA wordmark on the ground below your car door...
  3. T

    2021 LR (UK RHD) - Dead RH headlight + main beam

    Just noticed today that my driver's side headlight + main beam is dead. Daytime running light is fine. It had a new windscreen fitted yesterday by Autoglass and I think they talked about removing the frunk pan. Is there a chance they unplugged something accidentally? Don't know if I should go...
  4. R

    [Feature Request] - Wipers On : Lights On?

    It is law in many places to have your lights on when your wipers turn on. Unless I am missing something, I don’t see that as an option to happen automatically. This seems like a simple upgrade in software. Does anyone know anything about this feature? How do you make a suggestion to Tesla...
  5. dwahl

    Project Highland Ideas

    Update the Interior Headliner and Pillars to Black Fabric so that it matches and blends better with the colors on the door, dash, steering wheel, center console, floor, and the rest of the interior. The current Grey color doesn't match well and becomes dirty very easily. The grey interior is...
  6. O

    [MYP] Interior Ambient Lights

    Just wanted to share some fiber optics lights we installed on the MYP. The lights were cheap so was pleasantly shocked about how well they looked after the installation. The family loves it, especially on the nightly road trips across the state 😁.
  7. N

    Tail light alert?

    Hi there : ) I recently saw a Model 3 being pulled over for tail lights not working… is there a notification or service alert to tell us if that is the case?
  8. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  9. A

    Lighting T Sign Emblem

    Hello, We’re all aware that Evannex has stopped production on the Lighting T logo for Teslas. However I do have the part for the Model Y specifically. Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested! Your Tesla will stick out compared to others!
  10. T

    Model 3 Dome and Visor Lights on and off every few seconds?

    I've been looking all over the internet, on forums and Twitter, with no luck even finding anyone with my problem. I am looking for any tips or suggestions. Ever since v11 all my dome and visor lights turn on and off over and over every few seconds until I put the car in drive. It get really...
  11. 8

    Footwell lights daytime?

    My M3 is coming soon and I’m already planning to replace the footwell lights. Q: Are they on in the daytime or just at night? Can they be set for daytime?
  12. joeyjackson

    Model Y Tail Light/Brake Light Issue?

    I recently test drove a 2021 Model Y, no new headlights or center console however it did have newer features like the metal scroll wheel buttons and the drive in the glovebox. After I got home I was looking at some of the pictures I took from the day and noticed that something seemed off about...
  13. J

    Help! My M3 won't turn off!!

    I've been fighting this issue for over 2 weeks now. I have a 2020 M3 Dual Motor with just over 15,000 miles. Christmas Eve was my 1 year anniversary as I got my car on 12/24/2019. No problems with my car until two weeks ago when I was traveling out of town. I left work and drove to my hotel and...
  14. P

    Passenger footwell issues after service

    After a recent service center visit where the footwell interior paneling was removed, the passenger footwell light isn't working anymore (and is instead really faint red) and the round rubber bit at the end of the foot well seems scratched and rotated. (See images below of my M3 DM LR Aug 2020...
  15. wolfwill23

    Vendor A wow-worthly Tesla upgrade that anyone can install

    Out of all the mods out there, my favorite mod for my Tesla is the upgraded lighting. Lighting upgrades are my favorite Tesla mod for three reasons: 1. The lights are easy & fast to install. Plug and play, no wire splicing. 2. Lighting upgrades are relatively inexpensive. 3. You get a ton of...
  16. E

    Model Y Trunk Lighting

    In my S there were 2 LED lights in the trunk. I can not seem to find an answer if there are any lights in the rear of the Y, or if they can be upgraded if there are like the other lights can be.
  17. WrappedP85D

    Ambient Lights in my Model S

    Just installed these last night. Really happy with how they came out. Thoughts? I can put more pictures up tommorow night if anyone is that interested haha. (Also the lights are white, but come out blueish in pictures)
  18. A

    Indicators go silent

    Hello everyone, Sometimes when I turn on the indicators on my Model 3 they go silent. I can still see that they're flashing, but I can't hear the noise that's associated with it! It doesn't happen a lot, but seems to be happening more often, is it something I'm doing? At first, I thought it...
  19. TydalForce

    Pocket Lights

    I've searched the forum and while I can find people asking this, nobody seems to have posted an answer. The door pocket lights were removed from the 2020 Model 3, but - is the wiring still in the door? Same connectors as the other lights or different? I have a 2020 LR AWD manufactured...
  20. eustachio

    Model 3 light show

    My 10 year old son is a massive Tesla fan and was instrumental in us buying the car. He keeps saying he's so happy we got our Model 3, has a Tesla shirt he wears every day (and sleeps in- it gets a lot of washing!), and has taught me stuff about the car. He got this idea having seen a Model X...
  21. m4rtin

    Reversing and rear fog lights on the Model 3

    In Australia the Model 3 has: One reversing light, on the passenger side. It's white. One rear fog light, on the driver side. It's red. Here's a pic I made with some ugly arrows: The "one on each side" thing is apparently the same for the Model S, but not the Model X. The Model X...
  22. Rogue Synapse

    Lighting upgrade needed: AO vs. Taptes?

    Now that the daylight is starting to wane a bit, it’s becoming more obvious that even with the premium upgrade package, the model S lighting leaves a lot to be desired. I can barely see my kids in their rear-facing seats when it’s dark. It’s clear that I’m going to need some brighter lights...
  23. B

    Custom Ambient Lighting Project

    Hi all, I just dropped off my Model 3 Performance to get some custom interior lighting. I thought I was a genious at designing a custom fiber optic lighting system but literally in the last day someone posted a video that is exactly what I am doing in my Model 3. Same product and the same...
  24. jwwilsonmd

    Keep trailer power on

    Does anyone know a way to keep the power on that feeds and attached trailer lights? This also powers a small light inside my cargo trailer. Once the car shuts off and locks, the power goes off. Any hack to keep that supply on, other than running a separate power from the rear DC plug? Many...
  25. zambono

    dome lights turn off...

    I am not sure if this is normal but the dome lights set on auto turn off after some time even if the door is still open. An example is me strapping the baby to her car seat and the lights will go dark before I am done.
  26. T

    DIY puddle lights

    Hey there, I see all these puddle lights for the car doors with symbols like Tesla, X, S, and even some that are just bright. However, I've also seen some people with things like "Model 3" which I can't find on the internet. I was wondering if anyone has ever taken apart one of them to see...
  27. IonEV

    Nighttime approach lighting

    Approaching the Model 3 at night unlocks the doors but I'm not seeing any puddle lights, approach lights or door handle lights so there's no reference to find the door handle in the dark. I can dig my phone out and use the app to open the trunk. That turns on the headlights. Now I can find the...
  28. W

    Leaking inside the car!

    Hello, Today I discovered our brand new Tesla model X had some leaking issues under heavy rain. the leaking seemed to be coming from the dome light and the back window. Does anyone else have this problem or an explanation!
  29. B

    All fault light flashing on dashboard !

    Hello, I have a problem with my tesla model s p85 2013. all the fault indicators turn on and the car does what it wants watch on video. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks. *Unrelated video removed by moderator
  30. fasteddie7

    Power flickered now odd behavior

    I got home from work and plugged in to my HPWC. I normally get 47/48 A 37 mph charge at 12kw an hour. In the middle of the night the wind was owing hard and the lights flickered on and off for about 10 seconds. I went out to the garage to check, and the car had some errors thrown up about...
  31. hrbmd22

    Knight Rider LED?

    I've been adding extra LEDs in the Frunk and the trunk for extra lighting. I also added floor lights (LEDs) front and rear. I've been toying with the idea of installing a Knight Rider LED kit into the front grill. Has anybody done this yet? thanks! Howard near Memphis
  32. Babylonfive

    Has anyone gotten the side marker lights (T logo) popped open? Is it easy?

    Hi all, I want to see the bulb inside my side marker lights...I'd like to maybe change them to a brighter yellow (legal), or maybe cheat a bit and go with a blue/blue-white color. Forget about telling me I'm an idiot (as I hear that enough), and tell me if you've ever popped it out and if...
  33. D

    Updated - Interior Lighting

    There have been a number of rumors about it so I emailed my wonderful rep with questions about a couple changes in the Specs page since March. There is now no longer any mention of rear seat LED reading lights or LED illuminated mirrors on the sun visors. Here is his response in its entirety...