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  1. 3

    What are those lines above the defroster lines on the back window of the M3?

    I brought my car into the tint shop to get the back window done, surprise my car was previously tinted (bought a 2020 used M3P from Tesla). The shop told me that someone removed tint before and there was still glue on the sides. They said it would be an extra $50 charge to clean the glue off...
  2. K

    Supercharger stations full?

    Hello! We are planning a road trip with a model y potentially into the Rockies and maybe Mid-west from Los Angeles. We have heard of people sometimes waiting for an hour or TWO to start charging at a supercharger (a friend waited for two hours at a Bakersfield, CA supercharger station). Anyone...
  3. srs5694

    Supercharging queue procedures...?

    From time to time, I've seen references to queues/lines at Superchargers, but as a relatively new owner, I've never encountered this personally, and I'm wondering how this works. Is there typically a physical line/queue, like at a store's checkout counter, but with cars; or is this something...

    EAP - Not a Line

    I'm 99% sure this exact road merging arrow Northbound I-10 near Casa Grand Az threw my car abruptly to the left of the arrow on the road. I took over before it crossed into the far left lane but it sure acted like it was trying to avoid the arrow by swerving abruptly to the left. I assume it...

    Autopilot - What's a Valid Road Line to Follow?

    I'm noticing this anomaly occasionally (still). There's an evening glare where the color/reflectivity/contrast of road repair patches (even manhole covers) seem to be misinterpreted as road lines. It's as if the algorithm to determine a valid line isn't looking at shapes or circumstances broadly...
  6. fasteddie7

    Look ma, no lines! Autopilot growing up or glitching out?

    On my commute home yesterday the sky was the perfect shade of grey and the read was just wet enough to reflect it and make road markings seem to disappear from the autopilot camera, yet it continued to navigate curves and the roadway. The display would freak out from time to time, almost looked...