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  1. W

    Is it enough ? Model Y Load Limit

    The side sticker of MY22 shows a weight limit of 375 kg/826 . In the manual on page 41, Vehicle capacity is 433 kg. - Does anyone know what the correct weight limit is for MY - with 375kg it seems like the load limit is very low , ( not good for 5 people sitting in the car ) with average weight...
  2. Probllama

    Tire Load Index Question

    I have a set of 225/4518 XL winter tires with 95 load index in my current car and I am considering to get a LR AWD pretty soon and wanted to check if anyone knows whether I could safely use them on the Model 3? Looks like the factory 18 inch tires have 98 load index, has anyone tried to use 95...
  3. Ed Hart

    Luggage Packing Record - Can You Top This?

    I have not found this topic elsewhere, but I think it would be fun to see how much others have managed to pack into their Model S. I will start the bidding with this: Four passengers with rear seats up. Only two pots of flowers in cabin; all other luggage in rear and frunk Inclusions: Two...