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location sharing

  1. B


    New Tesla Y owner here. I purchased this ‘21 from out of state and installed the app. I purchased the premium connectivity. The truck is being trucked across country and I would like to see the location of it as it moves. I can turn on the cameras and see what is going on around it. But the...
  2. SilentFlight

    Sending a destination with no address to Tesla

    A question for any techies/programmers here... We are developing a navigation-related app that can send destinations to Tesla. I couldn't find any documentation about the list of formats accepted by the app, but from my testing, it seems to accept addresses shared from various apps (e.g. from...
  3. K

    How to disable other users with app access from viewing your location?

    Hi, I need help. My dad is getting me a Tesla to monitor my location. I don't do anything wrong or illegal, just things that he disagrees with. Like visiting friends who are different religions, going to restaurants that have pork on their menus, volunteering at a Baptist hospital. I can't let...
  4. S

    Blackvue dashcam software requiring sharing of location

    Hope current users of this camera can answer whether Blackvue has made it a requirement to share location information? I'm asking because we are in the market for a dashcam and the Blackvue DR650S-2ch has been a top consideration. While reviewing comments today on an Amazon listing page for the...