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  1. L

    Car Locks at home despite setting to not lock at home

    To one and all, I have set my 'Home' location in Navigation using the 'enter your address' process, however despite having the 'Except at home' setting marked it locks my Tesla Y every time. Very annoying when you need to get something out of the car and you don't have your phone with you...
  2. Z_Lynx

    Random car locking noises when at home?

    Anyone hearing locking and unlocking noises when their car is parked at home? Been doing a weeks worth of work near the car when it's not charging, not recently driven, being completely ignored (not opening doors). I am hearing what sounds like a quick locking then unlocking noise randomly...
  3. R

    Tesla app lock/unlock car [how does tesla app unlocking the car work?]

    Hello I bought a Tesla model3 recently and the car comes with 1 month trial premium connectivity. Once the trial period period expires and if I parked a car where the car is not connected to wifi and has no LTE connectivity ( as the trial period has expired), would I be able to lock the car...
  4. D

    Tesla Model Y Lockout

    New user, first-time poster in this forum to bring up something insane (and possibly unprecedented) during my several years as a Tesla owner. Ever since driving up a mountain summit for a ski trip, my 2021 Model Y Performance has been experiencing all kinds of problems after locking out on a...
  5. Ant M3

    NFC / Bluetooth issues

    After nearly 18 months of working absolutely fine my M3/ Phone has suddenly stopped allowing me to get in my car or even drive away without getting the key card out So to clarify : - Won’t allow me to open the car with the phone nfc - but will allow me to open the car with the app OR when I...
  6. J

    Help! My M3 won't turn off!!

    I've been fighting this issue for over 2 weeks now. I have a 2020 M3 Dual Motor with just over 15,000 miles. Christmas Eve was my 1 year anniversary as I got my car on 12/24/2019. No problems with my car until two weeks ago when I was traveling out of town. I left work and drove to my hotel and...
  7. Rshephorse

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    So I have stashed a card on the outside of my vehicle for emergencies. I'm wondering whether anyone else does this or how or where they stash the card. Doing things like skiing, swimming, kayaking, several day hiking trips especially if you've done a car shuttle, Or just going to a beach where...
  8. R

    Locking with the app - check for phone in car or window open

    My wife and I went to the gym. I left my phone in the trunk. We walked away and she remotely locked the car with her phone. The app showed it locked. Later it timed out and unlocked. There's wasn't any notification this happened. (We have a Camry and can use one fob to lock the car with the...
  9. U

    Touchscreen lock car button functionality

    My wife has to take the car to work in the early hours of the morning and to get to the car she has to go through a dark parking lot. We have pin to drive enabled. When she gets in the car, she wants to immediately lock the doors, but pressing the lock button on the touchscreen doesn't work...
  10. boaterva

    Car in lock/unlock loop, reset by power down

    This is the weirdest thing my Model X has ever done, posting here for more visibility (and I can't see why it would be X specific). Our X is on 2019.32.2.1, the 3 on 2019.32.2.2. Starting this week (and not when they both got these firmwares), the X has had two incidents of going into a...
  11. Edbeck

    Lock Confirmation Sound Doesn't Stay

    I have lock confirmation sound turned on and when I'm the only one driving the car it's great. I get a few yards away from the car and I hear the horn sound off. I've noticed that if my wife drives the car this option will be turned off. She uses her key card to unlock and lock the car while I...
  12. P

    Can't Lock Keys Inside Vehicle

    I used to be able to leave my keys in the vehicle and then lock it from the app. After locking the vehicle from the app, I wouldn't be able to unlock by tapping the door handles. I could only unlock from the app. I just noticed this is no longer the case. Anyone else notice this? Am I wrong...
  13. GolanB

    2019.12.1.2 - Car failed to lock during walkaway + odd screen behavior

    The first time this happened to me that I can think of - Been using a software key on my mobile device and it has been reliable for both locking and unlocking the vehicle. Today, I parked on the street, enabled sentry mode, and walked away. I got a call about 40 minutes later from my son who...
  14. N

    Walk-away lock doesn't work if u open door w/foot on the brake

    I have an iPhone 8, and I almost never have a problem unlocking my Model 3 w/iPhone. However, occasionally, I see that my car doesn't lock when I walk away from the car after parking. I couldn't figure out why that was happening, but I think I figured it out. After parking the car, if I open...
  15. YusufT

    Car won't unlock by walking up to it

    Before the most recent update, I had an 100% success rate of unlocking the doors using my phone as a key. After this update however, it feels like 70% of the time it fails to unlock, and I turn my bluetooth off and on again and same thing, won't unlock even when under bluetooth it says it's...
  16. H

    Model X shift stick lock / child safety

    Hello all - I just took delivery of a Model X 100D. I am aiming to do a post about it but for now I have a question which I could not find an answer for in my many hours in the forum. I have two kids and they normally play in the car when we park somewhere etc - however I am concerned that...
  17. T

    Locking Storage Compartment

    I have looked through the Tesla aftermarket accessories vendors, and searched through the forum, but I haven't found anyone who has made a truly locking compartment for the Model S, where valuables can be stored under lock & key within the vehicle. The frunk would be absolutely ideal, but since...
  18. X

    Tesla Wheel Lock Set

    Sold my Model S so don't need these anymore. It is the chrome set. $40 shipped with Paypal friends and family US.
  19. J

    How do you LOCK the doors on the X?

    I get that this is a stupid question, and one that I should not have to ask, BUT here goes: Drive the X. Doors are locked. Great. Put the car in park. Doors (optionally) unlock. Great. Now you are sitting there and you want to LOCK the doors. How?? The manual says to press the lock icon on the...
  20. Babylonfive

    Recall Alert for Power12 CapturePro customers - please read

    This is a recall alert on the Power12 CapturePro - Please read and understand this alert. The Power12 CapturePro device you purchased has a flaw which could, in very limited circumstances, strand you at a charging station. Power12 recommends ending its use and destroying it. Summary As...
  21. Babylonfive

    J1772 Charging Lock - Prevent unauthorizzed disconnection at public charging stations

    We've developed a special add-on 'lock' that prevents your car from being disconnected from J1772 public infrastructure chargers (like Chargepoint, Blink, etc.) - it locks the charger to your car until you unlock it, preventing malicious or random disconnections that could leave you stranded...
  22. Babylonfive

    Wheel Locks for the Model S - anyone doen this or have an opinion?

    Does anyone here have experience adding a wheel lock brand to their Model S? I have the 21" wheels and I'm concerned about their security. :crying: I found Gorilla Guard brand that looked reasonable, and even though they state that the pair of nuts and tool are coded and different from...

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