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  1. T

    Locked Out Completely

    New 2023 Y with 250 miles. Arrived to work and plugged into one of the class 2 chargers, green light confirmation like I had done every day for the past 2 weeks. Walked across campus and checked my app and the car wasn’t charging. Returned, green light off so replugged in, green light now on...
  2. D

    Tesla Model Y Lockout

    New user, first-time poster in this forum to bring up something insane (and possibly unprecedented) during my several years as a Tesla owner. Ever since driving up a mountain summit for a ski trip, my 2021 Model Y Performance has been experiencing all kinds of problems after locking out on a...
  3. piro

    Frozen MCU1 Tesla X, self switched on. Cannot go to work. Angry & sad.

    I own 2018 Model X, last month of MCU1 production. I live in Poland, Europe. I have various misbehaviours with MCU1, like screen freezing, no heating, black screen, of course, the browser is not working as promised (not working at all). I have asked for repair, but it is not enough broken (not...
  4. B

    Phone Key When Home

    I have just set up phone key on my new model 3. I now seem to be able to walk up to the car, unlock it and drive, just by having my phone in my pocket... perfect. However, when I'm at home and the model 3 is in the driveway I notice that my phone is sometimes connected to the car. Does this...
  5. R

    Both rear doors won't unlock

    The rear doors were working fine this morning but now both rear door handles remain in the open position and the door is locked from the outside. I've tried rebooting the car (paddles on steering wheel and a hard reset from the settings menu) but it hasn't solved the problem. The rear door...
  6. P

    My key fob got auto-locked inside the car

    A couple of times I left the key inside the Tesla Model S and the doors locked. Since the other key was available in the house, I was able to unlock the car using the second key. What if the other key was not available? What if the phone w app was in the car, too? How would I get into the car...
  7. B

    Dead battery in Key fob locked out of Model X

    I tried to lock my Model X and it failed to lock with the key fob. I assumed the fob battery might be dead so I tried the other fob and determined it was a dead battery. I then followed the instructions in the O&M manual to hold the fob with the dead battery near to bottom of the door post on...