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  1. Beta V

    Locks and being locked out

    When I picked up my 2023 MX, I was disappointed (to say the least) that they did not include even a single key fob. Instead, I was given two black plastic cards, clearly marked as Tesla keys. I was also told I could use my iPhone to get into my car once it was within Bluetooth range. Thankfully...
  2. M

    Issue with Profile linkage to phones in Locks settings page

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Tesla owner, a Model 3. I'm pretty techie so I'm not having many issues with the settings. But I seem to have a problem with having the a profile tie itself to a phone. The profiles we've got set up for my wife and I are linked to our iphones in the LOCKS settings...
  3. rnguy001

    Brand new X owner, walk-away locks will not work..

    Hi guys love the car but bummed that when we exit the car and mirrors stay out (even though auto fold is enabled) and more importantly the car does not lock even though walk-away lock is enabled as well. have tried a restart, refresh and even Tesla CS helped us online. It worked at first but...
  4. S

    Anyone else find their MX unlocked when they don't expect?

    I'm just coming up on a month of ownership of a new MX and I'm concerned about the car's security. I keep coming back to the car and finding that it's already unlocked before I get there. When this happens, I come to the car and the lights don't flash/turn on when I walk up. Nor does the...
  5. Xin1120

    Tesla Wheel Lock Set

    Sold my Model S so don't need these anymore. It is the chrome set. $40 shipped with Paypal friends and family US.
  6. David29

    Does Door Unlock Mode/Driver Only always work?

    I noticed something about my Model S’s door locks a few days ago, that might be a defect, or might be a software glitch. Tesla told me to bring it in but before I do, I’d like to see if there is really something wrong with my car, or if other people have the same experience. I decided to try...
  7. Haxster

    The Tesla App Store

    What if Tesla created an App Store that would let you "install" free and fee features and upgrades? Apps that seldom required additional hardware. Just like your smart phone! These could go well beyond the standard vehicle configuration settings. The apps could let you personalize your car even...
  8. Babylonfive

    Wheel Locks for the Model S - anyone doen this or have an opinion?

    Does anyone here have experience adding a wheel lock brand to their Model S? I have the 21" wheels and I'm concerned about their security. :crying: I found Gorilla Guard brand that looked reasonable, and even though they state that the pair of nuts and tool are coded and different from...