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  1. J

    Looking for T E S L A emblem on New Model S Plaid/Long Range

    Hi, does anybody have a picture of a new Model S (Plaid or long range) with a T E S L A emblem/logo instead of the standard T on the back? I have that on my Model Y and would like to also replace the T with T E S L A on my new white Model S long range coming in 2 weeks. Want to see how good...
  2. UncertainTimes

    Where can I buy a Twitter badge that matches the Tesla font?

    It’ll look great next to my Space X badge
  3. X

    Door sill gaskets and logo un-adhering on 2020 my

    I opened my door in my garage today and heard the foot sill Model Y logo fall off. I looked at the gasket on the bottom of the door and noticed it was sagging down. I checked the other 4 doors and they are also sagging down. The passenger side Model Y logo is also barely holding on. This...
  4. Socalautoart

    Vendor Socalautoart - Brake caliper paint at your home 4 hour job 300$

    Socal Auto Art - Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Gmail Text - 909-687-5230 for appointment gmail - [email protected] Schedule an appointment for as soon as tomorrow Message me for any questions or concerns Ask for Johnny Mobile Service Will come to you! Home. Driveway, Garage, Street, Parking...
  5. fasteddie7

    Garage letters and logo

    I'm installing a Tesla wall in my garage and would like to do backlighting for the letters and the T. Anyone take on a project like this that can help advise on installation. Letters are done and getting coated today.
  6. Haxster

    What's in a Name?

    Happy April Fools' Day!
  7. Pony

    Adidas accused that Tesla infringe its trademark.

    According to foreign media reports, the sports brand Adidas charged the manufacturers of Tesla recently by saying that "three stripes" logo of Model 3 was very similar to its trademark and demanded Tesla to stop using the logo as a registered trademark.Tesla said that it had already replaced...
  8. Bruce

    Gauging interest on a P85 emblem that can be added to your car...

    I have found a way to have the P85 logo created for addition to our cars (perhaps on the trunk for proper "badging"). Unfortunately, I have to order a large number and will need to have others interested as well. Please give me some feedback to let me know it this will be feasible… It would...