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long distance travel

  1. D

    Moncton to Montreal in late December

    I'm going on vacation with my family over Christmas. Because of the cost of domestic flights in Canada we have decided to drive from Moncton to Montreal where we will fly out. We have a new MYLR and I haven't done a winter with it yet. I wanted to know if this was a doable drive? Also if I...
  2. S

    Long distance

    Long distance trip in mid May. Have ABRP app for charging locations. Have done tucson to Denver. Now Denver to Binghamton New York. Any comments on superchargers along the way the Ohio Pennsylvania. Does it help reserve battery use to extend range between charges if I reduce the use of...
  3. R

    Missing Cities?

    Having driven my 2017 Model S90D into 47 states in the past two years, I am constantly amazed at the Supercharger infrastructure and the "moat" it has created in for the business model. In 2018, I was impressed how seamless the supercharger network was driving literally coast-to-coast. And this...
  4. K

    SR+ range from Los Angeles to San Diego

    Hello, Anyone here has experience driving from LA to San Diego with a M3 Standard Range Plus (SR+)? What was your experience? Was the actual range enough for the long commute? Should I charge to 100% before I head out or refrain from using AP and heater/air conditioning? I recently got my SR+...
  5. S

    Possibly how they are getting the Roadster to 620 mi range

    So I noticed in the demo they gave for the Roadster that the frunk and trunk were unaccessible. That leads me to believe that that is where they shoved all the extra batteries needed to get the roadster up to 620 miles of range. But that of course will not work for the production version, so...
  6. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  7. David29

    First long road trip in our Model S

    My spouse and I recently made a 9-day road trip from the Boston area to Washington, DC, and back. It was our first long road trip in the Model S. This post is to describe our experience with the charging aspects of the trip, for the benefit of anyone else who is new to this sort of thing, and...
  8. G

    Free supercharger or pay per use?

    With reports of some super chargers having long lineups, I was thinking about free/unlimited supercharger use (after paying the $2000). I notice the when something is free or unlimited, some people tend to abuse the system in order to get their money's worth or because they paid for it and they...
  9. T

    How do Tesla owners make long road trips?

    I am considering buying a Tesla. I drive only 10 miles a day 300 days a year. Three or four times a year, though, I go on extended road trips of more than 1000 miles, usually west to east and back. Spending 30 minutes every 200 miles does not seem practical to me. I don't want to spend...
  10. Bugeater

    Model S Western US Tour

    OK, since folks at TESLIVE wanted me to post this sooner than later, here it is. First of all HoneyBug's and my trip was from May 18 to June 7, 2013. We traveled a total of 5540 miles in 21 days. Only 4 days were spent not traveling. Those were spent in Yellowstone, Kansas City visiting family...