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  1. taraquin

    Most efficientbsetting for heat pump?

    After some conflicting info on heat pump efficiency/longevity I ask the experts here: Claim 1: Running the heat pump at low fan setting (comfort aside) is more efficient as less air needs to be heated cooled. Some observations in servicemode where lower fanspeed equals lower compressor rpm...
  2. E

    How long can I expect a model 3 to last?

    Having a little remorse on buying a 2019 M3. Thought it was a good deal. Car in perfect condition except for some creeping sounds etc. but now just thinking how long I can really expect the car the last. Anyone here have an older model Tesla ? Do they really last long like the dealer says?
  3. D

    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
  4. T

    Battery Replacement

    Tesla called me yesterday afternoon to notify me that my vehicle service was complete (replaced faulty charge door), and casually mentioned that "next time I come in" they will replace my entire LR battery. I started asking questions and was put on hold for a couple minutes, then was told it was...
  5. David99

    accelerated degradation concern

    Thanks to Teslafi.com I have data from my car for the last 80k miles. A new feature they added recently is the 'battery report'. It shows the rated range over time thus giving you a great way to see your battery degradation. Here is a screen shot of my car. It's a 4 year old Model s 85 with...