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loot box

  1. S

    Refer and Earn Leasing Help

    I received referral credits last month and was looking to spend them on my newly leased Model Y for the premium connectivity subscription. It seems after the most recent app update I can no longer access refer and earn at all and Tesla support is telling me this is because I have leased my...
  2. AquaY

    Tesla referral Super Charger Miles on APP Expiration Date Change.

    I purchased my Model Y in March 2021 using a friends referral. It had an expiration date 6 months out for my miles which made it September 20th and that is what showed in my Loot Box A friend then purchased a MY using my referral and I got another 1000 miles . The expiration date changed to...
  3. P

    How should Tesla change the referral program?

    The Tesla referral program seems super stale. I got ~10 referrals back in 2017/2018, but the free supercharging just isn’t super compelling now and I am not actively referring people. Sure I still love Tesla and talk about my car, but back in 2017/2018, I was doing a lot to try and get people to...
  4. J

    Anyone else having problems getting their free supercharging miles applied?

    Bought a M3 a few months ago during their 5,000 supercharging miles incentive. I used a valid referral, however I cannot find anyone that's able to help get them applied. I keep getting the run around and nobody seems to be able to help. This is beyond frustrating and getting ridiculous. Has...
  5. L

    Referrals of Model 3 and Roadster Discount From LootBox

    Hey guys. Forgive my bad English here. I have one simple question. For those who have more than 5 referrals and already unlocked the secret levels of Roadster Discount. If a friend of you who ordered a Model 3 (Not Model S or X) using your code. Will you still get the 2% discount on the...
  6. _TK_

    Solar Referral Credit: Experience, Frustrations, & Specifics

    My experience thus far is with 3 Tesla Energy referrals. Things you may not know about Tesla Energy referral process: "Redeem your Tesla Credits or Check" e-mail s the first indication you will have that your referral was used. You click the link in the e-mail and you choose the $750 credit...
  7. T

    Lot box?

    Loot that is. Found a glowing treasure chest in the Tesla app this evening. Not sure how I feel about it. Seems pretty cheesy, not super thrilled about ads and such starting to show up in the app. Gee If I Only had 5 friends that would buy a Tesla so I could get some free rims.