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loss of use

  1. F

    Model 3 loss of use claim

    Hi all, First post here, much appreciate your help with pursuing a loss of use third party claim (the other driver's insurance company is MetLife). I'll keep the message short but am happy to provide more information and edit this post if there is interest. I was in an accident in November...
  2. K

    Loss of Use payment issued $20 a day

    Hello, i was recently involved in a car crash 2 weeks ago, and today i called the at fault insurance Allstate for loss of use claim. Now usually they reimburse rentals, but because i am only 20, i cannot get a rental, so i decided to pursue for loss of use. They offered me $20.85 a day, which...
  3. F

    Anyone have a successful Diminished Value / Loss of Use Claim?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice around a potential Diminished Value Claim on my 2015 Model S. About a month ago, my vehicle was hit in a parking lot. The other driver left the scene (hit and run). Fortunately, my dual dash cam recorded everything: - He hits my car in his heavy pickup truck - He...
  4. J

    Our diminished value case is headed to trial

    I have seen that there are a lot of posts regarding diminished value claims, so I thought I would start my own and provide information that others can use for their own claims. Our 2013 Model S 85 was parked inside our garage. A food delivery person slammed into our garage at a high rate of...
  5. krazineurons

    Anyone in Seattle, WA successful with a DV claim?

    My X got in a not at fault collision, it's sitting at Pacific Auto body for 2 months now. Trying to find recommdations of an appraiser to help with a diminished value and loss of use claim. Also wondering if i should get a lawyer and save myself of the headache. Any recommendations?
  6. dvhart

    2016 Model S 90D - Property Damage Claim Post Mortem

    After nearly two months, we finally settled our property damage claim after being rear ended in our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D. Insurance claims are something many of us dread about owning a Tesla, a risk we acknowledged going in. I thought I'd share the experience and the outcome in the hope it...