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low battery

  1. D

    90 percent charge low?

    Hi i have 9k miles on my Tesla model 3 standard range plus and I got it in June. When I charge it to 90 percent I get 204 mi. Is this normal. I took it into too tesla when I was getting 209 mi and they said it's how I drive that's why it's charges only to 209 this was when I had about 3k miles...
  2. Padelford

    Get cold air rather than heat from vents

    we’ve just driven from Seattle to Ohio along I-90, and we’ve experienced cabin heating problems when the battery is 50% or less. We get no heat from the vents even with the temps set at HI. External temps have been in the 20’s to low 30’s. Range mode is OFF. Firmware is 2018.12. We don’t...
  3. GasKilla

    Can't use remote climate control when battery is below 20%

    I wanted to cool down my car before I got in (as you can see the interior was 99°) but the app wouldn't allow me to. I had plenty of charge to get home but wanted to cool things down for the little one. He refused to get in and asked for the A/C immediately. I'd love to have an override for this...