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  1. E

    2023 MX Light Show Malfunction

    Factory light shows worked fine for awhile now suddenly only the windows roll down then there’s a loud thunk or maybe the first line off the song then it shuts off. Any ideas?
  2. show_stoppa

    TPMS failing randomly

    I recently picked up my new Model 3 , less than a week ago. Everything was working fine until today suddenly while driving I get the alert that the tire pressure is low. I stopped the car and opened the warning and seemed like the front left tire sensor was showing ( -- ) in red, instead of a...
  3. T

    2021 Model 3 Connectivity issues

    As beautiful the car is, I have been having issues wit it since the delivery. 1) The wireless charging pads are not working and I have tried two different phones, these same phones worked fine during the test drive. 2) This is a major issue, the car completely fails to connect with the app. I...
  4. O

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    Pulled my brand new Model X into the garage, shaking my head at the warning message already on the dashboard saying that "Autopilot cameras not available" but offering the tepid encouragement that they "Features may be restored on a later drive." Happy day one. I decided, after some...
  5. S

    Is there a 12V battery malfunction common denominator?

    I’m scheduled to pick up my Model 3 LR next week Sunday, Sep13th. In the 8 weeks of waiting, I’ve been trying to learn all I can from everyone’s experiences in hopes to develop good habits from the get go. One thing I was curious for those who have had their Model 3 for at least a year or two...
  6. A

    Window won't stay up

    Just received my SR+ on Thursday. Everything is great except that when I try to roll my driver's side window up, it immediately goes back down 5-6 inches once it reaches the top. The only way that I can get it to stay up is to roll up the last 5-6 inches inch by inch. I tried "calibrating" it...
  7. ModlS3XY

    FWD put a hole in my garage drywall after upgrading to V9

    I had a feeling that the FWD sensors either stopped working (a bug in V9) or were made more “confident” with V9. The FWD never opened to full height previously since it would sense the garage motor (although it could). After v9, I saw that it started opening with full speed and to the full...