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  1. M

    Checking a location's superchargers in use, after one is selected

    In my Model 3, when I am on the map and search for a Tesla Supercharger Station I can see how busy each potential stop is. But after I select one, and Tesla sets it as the destination, I cannot find a way to then, along the way to the station, check in again to see how busy it is without having...
  2. Exscite

    Mobile app display- black only?

    The display of LOCATION option of the mobile app The option on the left is bad-only a schematic map - and always in black The option on the right is good- full color aerial map of the same view My question: Is there any way to set-up the display option on the left to be like the colorful Google...
  3. D

    Cool but SPOOKY feature [car navigation automatically starting from facebook event]

    I still don't know how this happened. I had accepted an invite on Facebook for a Halloween party. Arrived at some friends house about 2 mi away for early drinks and was going to follow them to the party. I got in my model 3 and it automatically started navigating to the party. How did that happen?
  4. DNSJames

    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    Why does my beautiful gigantic navigational map have me flying at 12,000ft while driving? I see this tiny speck… and then realize it’s actually a massive shopping mall. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to zoom the map in where it’s actually useful… and have it track me at the same...
  5. V

    Model Y Map Detail

    Greetings!! Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the level of detail on the onscreen map? It’s pretty pathetic, the way it appears on my MYP at least. There are few street names, nothing like river or creek names, and I believe there is real estate available on the map to display...
  6. eCharcoal

    Map stuck on satellite mode even at night

    Since V11, my Model 3’s map does not switch to night mode at night. It’s always in satellite mode. It’s now on 2022.44.30. Did not fix the issue. I did a hard reset. Didn’t help. I looked around the menu and settings in the map and couldn’t find a way to change it. Did I miss something? I was...
  7. EVNow

    FD Beta : TomTom Map, Roundabouts and the Speedlimit

    TL;DR : Let us use this thread to talk about map changes that could potentially make FSD Beta behave better Thanks to the post below by @MP3Mike I discovered an interesting little fact. Tesla probably does use TomTom maps rather than Google or OpenStreet for city FSD Beta driving. I've two...
  8. loanchau2k

    Tesla Map sometime does not show the current GPS location

    I am new to Tesla, so don't know about Tesla map yet. I wonder what trigger map keep track your current GPS location on the map (the "red" arrow location), sometime I drive the map does not show the current "red", it shows my home area
  9. tonoboon

    Asia maps , Need help .

    Anyone who have Tesla Asia map . Would you mind try to look on map in Thailand . Do they support Thai language ?and a And also possible to navigate within Thailand ? Maybe try to navigate point A to B . I'm using Tesla UK version which not possible to navigate,.
  10. R

    Oregon Wildfires and Biohazard Defense Mode

    I live south of Portland where air quality has been varying between 350 (Hazardous) and 777 (the scale only goes to 500). As I type this, AQI is 548. I'm part of my neighborhood fire watch and while doing rounds last night, the Biohazard mode was incredibly useful. I would have had to wear an...
  11. R

    V3 Supercharger Map - USA

    I couldn't find a list or map of V3 Superchargers anywhere so I decided to make my own. By my count, there are 100 V3 Superchargers that are currently open and operational. I hope this map can be of some use or interest to some of you. As the title states, I only included locations in the USA...
  12. A

    Address to report map/navigation errors?

    Is there an email address or website to which one can report map or navigation errors, such as incorrect speed limits, new roads, etc?
  13. Minecon_CA

    No more map exit visualizations?

    Did this get removed in version 9/10? I noticed that these visualizations don't appear anymore.
  14. A

    Smart Summon in Gated Community?

    Has anyone in a private gated community gotten Smart Summon to work on their street by editing OpenStreetMap? Would this be legal since the streets aren't public?
  15. Wick

    GPS signal slow to activate

    These days when I back out of the garage, I can see that the GPS image of my car on my map does not show any movement. As a result, the mirrors do not automatically unfold and my car appears stationary for the first minute or so of driving. Anyone else noticed this? Is there anyway to encourage...
  16. R

    Dashboard Map Worse Now

    We were driving in an old city (Gloucester) with lots of twisty little passages all the same so I was using Navigate to get to a restaurant. In the past, the dashboard map would show a detailed overhead view with street names which was great for navigating complex intersections. Now, it started...
  17. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  18. D

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    I like to keep the rear view camera always on the top half of my screen when driving. It seems like this is no longer allowed with v9.0. I can’t seem to get anything but the map on the top portion of the screen. Has anyone figured out to have something other than the map on the upper...
  19. Pluto

    Non-ADA Compliant Traffic Information

    The other day I had someone new to Teslas in my Model S and he didn't even know what I was talking about when I said I was surprised the car didn't reroute to avoid the traffic we were going through. So of course I pointed out the huge red line we were driving through and the completely green...
  20. M

    Maps Traffic Not Exactly Working

    I recently updated to 2018.21.9. I have noticed that when displaying the traffic overlay onto the map/navigation, it quite often shows green and not much traffic. I am in SoCal. It is actually misleading because only when I pinch and zoom in then all of a sudden most of the freeway traffic...
  21. Rijder

    Feature request: map scale or distance indicator

    The map in the car could be improved by adding a map scale or distance indicator. The benefit for the user is, when a measure of distance is included in the map, that it improves the sense of the scale of the map shown. This is especially in unfamiliar terrain an advantage. The units used...
  22. Padelford

    Where’s the Map update?

    I thought we were getting the new map data enabled this weekend. I haven’t seen my map data change. ??? Anyone seen it happen?
  23. Veritas1980

    Did vector mapping just got released?

    This morning, driving to work, I noticed that the map zoomed in after I left the freeway without me giving any input. Driving home, it did the same. Zooming in when not on the freeway and zooming out when on the freeway without any route planned. I looked closer at the map and it seem quite...
  24. N

    Vehicle Location Not Updating in Nav App

    Hi all, Just adopted our new 60D today. Have been dismayed to find that the car's location in the Nav app is not updating while we drive (at this point, not at all). When we drove away from the dealership and noticed this I assumed the Nav screen was in some sort of "detail" screen out of...
  25. Chuq

    Tesla charger map with detailed range coverage

    I found a link to this map on another forum: Tesla Superchargers Map: Where you can charge in Australia | finder.com.au It appears to combine the official Tesla supercharger/destination charger locations, but also includes a dark grey area which indicates coverage using the available chargers...
  26. Rupe

    Slow GPS Map Rendering

    Anyone else notice how slow the map renders around rush hour, even with 4-5 bars? I've sometimes driven for several miles with no map (satellite or roads only) showing--not even one square patch. I like current data, but I'd settle for a larger map cache with more persistence. Surely there's...
  27. ElectricAvenue

    How to save maps of Superchargers?

    I am planning my first road trip along the east coast and have found it very difficult to figure out how to save a map with all my stopping points including superchargers. So far I have been saving points on Google Maps (I am saving addresses with pin points but I do not know how to label them...
  28. domenick

    Tesla Gigafactory

    Tesla is to have a big Gigafactory announcement sometime this week. I put all I could find about it, plus some location rumors (Nevada!) in a post on AutoblogGreen. So far, the only thread for the Gigafactory is one in Investor Discussions related, of course, to the investment opportunities...