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  1. H

    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
  2. eXntrc

    Map Editing and Forcing a Refresh?

    My neighborhood is very new. When I got my Model 3 in February it didn't know most of the roads near my house. I realized quickly that the maps come from Google, so I added all of the nearby streets to Google maps. Side Note: To do this for yourself Go to maps.google.com in a browser Make sure...
  3. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  4. gnuarm

    Map Updates for Road Closures

    I was stuck in a backup for some hours last night in the mountains of North Carolina when a rock slide closed the highway. After they eventually got us out of the backup I then needed to reroute to reach my destination and might need an intermediate charge. The in car navigator could not help...
  5. S

    Why is Tesla sharing camera data?

    In the Tesla update, it now asks the users to accept "data sharing" “In order for these features to work, Tesla measures the road segment data of all participating vehicles but in a way that does not identify you or your car, and may share that with partners that contribute similar data to help...