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  1. T

    Please update the Sydney, Australia maps and traffic light types

    Tesla, Sydney had some major roads and infrastructure changes last year. Massive new arterial roads opened. PLEASE UPDATE THE MAPS. Can't believe we're on a 6 month turn around?? Also, Please have the vehicle programmed to understand Australian traffic lights. We have double traffic lights...
  2. D

    How to change US map to EU version

    Hi everyone. I have a 2021 Model 3 brought from United States to Europe. I got the latest software version and the latest Navigation update, but it's NA navigation. Is there a way to install EU(Europe) or ME(Middle East) navigation? Thanks in advance
  3. Todd Burch

    Fixing Maps

    Tesla’s route mapping is based on Open StreetMaps. As I understand it, this allows the public to update mapping information via crowdsourcing. My brother frequently submits map updates for Google. He proposed a lot of updates to the Google map around my neighborhood (such as POIs like names of...
  4. D

    Maps UI Frozen Regularly since 2023.32.9

    My 2019 P100D has developed a weird issue where I sometimes enter the vehicle and the maps screen is frozen. Not frozen in updating GPS location or traffic information. It quite happily follows my drive, but I am unable to touch anything on the maps screen. The search bar, moving the map...
  5. J

    Deleted destinations reappear instantly

    2023 Model 3. Version 23.6.9 I press and hold and click the x to remove the address. It reappears after a few minutes or if I navigate away and come back. How does one file a bug report or make Tesla aware? There seems to be no fix. If I were to reset the car, assuming I have to program all...
  6. A

    Map navigation does not match google maps

    Map directions are slightly longer compared to what I get on google maps. (using the same settings, no toll avoidance, premium connectivity) Sharing a destination via the app does not change anything, as only the final destination is shared. Google maps is aware of some smaller roads that chop...
  7. M

    Map display seems terrible to me

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the fact that you can easily read the subdivision names on the map, but can't see the the street names because they are too small, not there, or in a font you can't read? (Yup, I'm getting old) I can't fathom why subdivision names are so easily readable. I...
  8. spooksman

    Maps Display - is it just me?

    Hi I may be going mad (or just getting old), but I got in my car this morning and thought "Something like different on the display" - I shrugged it off and started my trip to work. However, after about 10 minutes I picked up my colleague, who almost immediately said "What's changed on the maps...
  9. O

    No road names on map

    the road names on my road map all disappeared, the roads are there but that's all satellite view is ok
  10. L

    MCU2 yellow edges and faded maps

    Just took delivery of a MS 100D from Tesla. It has just over 20K miles and looks fabulous. I sold my M3 the same day. Both cars made in May of 2018. The MS has the newer MCU. When I pointed out the yellow halo on the MCU, the Tesla CSR said that the yellow did not interfere with the operation...
  11. SilentFlight

    Sending a destination with no address to Tesla

    A question for any techies/programmers here... We are developing a navigation-related app that can send destinations to Tesla. I couldn't find any documentation about the list of formats accepted by the app, but from my testing, it seems to accept addresses shared from various apps (e.g. from...
  12. G

    Very few streets showing names on map

    Hi all, Why are so very few streets showing names? No matter if I zoom in or out, doesn't make any difference, no street names. I attached a picture...
  13. 3

    Map Updates?

    Living in Adelaide, South Australia. Model 3 December 2020. Had one map update since delivery. So many errors with speed limits, when will these be fixed? Also, off topic, but, do the cameras detect overhead speed signs?
  14. T

    Recent Update Sound Issues

    Does anyone else have issues wiht the new update? Havent had much of an issues since until now. Sound quality is bad, if not, doesnt play at all. Turning signals do not work (doesnt make the clicking noise). Navigation does not work. When it does, the map doesnt adjust to current location...
  15. P

    Weird Place Names on Navigation Map

    My navigation map displays not only major points of interest, but also purely random, obscure businesses ( a nail salon, consulting business in a residence, small attorney’s office, etc.). Why? Is this advertising? How do I turn off these weird places? Nothing in the Manual about this at all.
  16. E

    Hear my phone’s notifications when connected to Bluetooth but listening to other audio source?

    I did a search but couldn’t find an answer here. So I have two phones - an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I realize I can only have one connected at a time, so at any given time, whichever phone is connected via Bluetooth, my phone’s notifications are routed through the Tesla...
  17. int-veh

    Online routing takes to wrong address

    Checking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue. For past year or so, I think probably when they introduced online routing, the map routes to the wrong location when i enter my home address even though it shows the destination marker correctly. It looks like it is the local post...
  18. Marmac

    Traffic overlay missing on map

    Not sure how long ago this happened, but I just noticed that I no longer have the red lines on my maps when there is heavy traffic. I have a 2018 LR Model 3. I have the v10 update. Another thing I’ll mention (not sure if it’s related to this issue) is that when I took delivery of the car in...
  19. S

    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a Model 3 SR+. Can people from Toronto please share their experiences with Tesla Nav vs Waze? It really concerns me that the SR+ maps don't show live traffic data (I like to be able to see it because sometimes I will take alternate routes based on the red and...
  20. Padelford

    Map updates at Service Center only

    FYI, I’m in an SC waiting for a repair, and I asked about getting my Nav maps updated to reflect the new SR-99 tunnel in Seattle. I was told that the map updates are done at the SC’s only and not over the air as in the past. First I’ve heard this.
  21. ishareit

    Navigation “jumping” directions

    The maps on my Model 3 recently started “jumping”. The car randomly points in a different direction and then jumps back to normal. Happens every 5-10 seconds or so. Anyone else seen this behavior? Hardware or software issue? Tried scroll wheel reboot few times and that didn’t help.
  22. T

    Report Navigation Errors?

    There's a major freeway exit near me (Houston) that is mislabeled in the Tesla map. The same exit is properly labeled Google Maps. Is there somewhere to report these types of errors?
  23. eXntrc

    Map Editing and Forcing a Refresh?

    My neighborhood is very new. When I got my Model 3 in February it didn't know most of the roads near my house. I realized quickly that the maps come from Google, so I added all of the nearby streets to Google maps. Side Note: To do this for yourself Go to maps.google.com in a browser Make sure...
  24. sooner

    Map not adjusting to scale local area

    Just recently my maps has not been dynamically updating to show a closer portion of map to where I am driving. As such, it is too zoomed out so that my car is driving in parts of the map without road. Prior it would zoom to those locations to show my car on the road based on how much stuff...
  25. Padelford

    V9, AP 2.0: Google Maps faster than basic maps?

    2018.39.6 Anyone have a reason for why Google Maps update faster than the plain, nearly-featureless maps in the Nav display? It’s counterintuitive. Google Maps have much more data to be displayed, yet they update significantly faster, especially when I move the map to a completely new...
  26. Joe F

    Road closure routing PSA

    Interesting: I95 detours through I95 in South Carolina due to hurricane Florence flooding are not being handled properly by Google maps, Waze or the online Tesla trip planner as of 9 AM today. All happily route through the closed road segments. Waze from my location just says "no route found."...
  27. A

    Hometown on maps

    Since I bought my model S I have the hometown of the previous owner on my maps-screen! Its annoying, every day you read: 'Bishops Sutton ' ! How can I erase this and maybe put my hometown on it? Thanks a lot in advance. Gerry
  28. T

    Model 3 maps vs Google Maps

    is Tesla maps better or atleast as good as Google maps ?
  29. eHaw

    Google maps location history and privacy

    There has been a lot of buzz in the IT community regarding Google Maps location history being kept by Google despite privacy settings requesting that it not be saved. It's not clear that Tesla owners even have access to privacy settings for our vehicles. So I'm wondering if anyone has...
  30. aikisteve

    Video review of the new navigation system

    As I got the opportunity to test the brand new navigation system on one of the first cars in Belgium to receive the update (yes, I know, you guys in the US think it's old news already ;-) ), I took the chance to do a video review on it. Overall I like it a lot and it's a lot better than the old...
  31. T

    Autopilot 12.x after New Maps Limited to 60 Mph Hw driving?

    Hi All, Anyone else notice after a new map install approx 2 weeks ago now, and in just 2 days AP Max Speed has been capped on their roadway? My question for the group here is: did something change in the last 2 days with AutoPilot on your roadway? I was driving local Oregon State HW 20 to...
  32. chispas

    Tracking the new maps rollout

    Inspired by a couple of threads in the forum I decided to put together this navigation rollout map as a way of tracking where the new navigation is being rolled out. You can add yourself by filling out this form navigation rollout form. If you include your email and you currently don't have the...
  33. fasteddie7

    Old maps, new symbols

    I'm still on the old maps, but I've noticed the last two days I'm getting new symbols on the display. Anyone know what this one is in yellow?
  34. T

    Canada - Maps update?

    I've looked on the Tesla Firmware tracker - has anybody received the maps update in Canada? I understand it's separate from the regular firmware updates. Is it prompted or does it automatically download? Is there any way of confirming whether it's been done?
  35. B

    No New Maps

    My Model X 100D AP2 updated to the latest software 2018.12 a few days ago but I have not received the new maps. What type notification do you recieve when only getting the new maps? Anyone else still waiting on the maps?
  36. Craiggow

    GPS Maps updates?

    I was driving my 2015 S around Highway 101 near Broadway, in Burlingame, CA today and noticed that the GPS map does not correspond with the new actual upgraded exit/entrance ramps to the highway. Anyone know how often Tesla updates the GPS/maps?
  37. V

    Tesla Autopilot maps

    So while we are waiting for HW2+ maps to actually materialize, here's something to ponder. Many of you have noticed already that the car seems to slow down in TACC and autosteer mode before curves. So I was researching how is speed limit determined (some people I asked were sure it was from...
  38. OilSucks

    Would anyone else be interested in an update that allowed the dashboard map to always be on?

    I play a lot of racing games on my PS4 and Xbox and to be competitive and quick it's always a good idea to glance at the track map in the left hand corner to see when the turns are coming up. The thought hit me that this would be perfect for our Tesla's, especially in some of the twist and turn...
  39. aollivierre

    More than one address!

    So i am going for a drive this week which will take me into two different cities...Dallas then off to Austin....How do I enter two dresses into the amps app on the tesla so I truly know where I need to fuel up...Oh sorry, force of habit... CHARGE UP! :):):) Thanks
  40. Missile Toad

    Decommission, deactivate, deprecate chargers

    So, I'm noticing lots of poorly maintained databases for chargers. I'm thinking specifically of Tesla and Chargepoint that are extremely slow to correct wrong locations or deactivated chargers in their databases. This bothers me because people are starting to rely on these locations to book...
  41. Chrisizzle

    What's wrong with navigation recently? (Jan 2017-ish)

    The navigation / trip planning in my new Model X is all kinds of stupid. I did not have this issue in the Model S I traded. I assume navigation directions come online which means others may have similar problems (versus it being an isolated problem with my car). Is it firmware? Is it a problem...
  42. B

    Built in Maps?

    I thought with the premium package you got built in maps, I don't seem to have any background maps. My cellular service was not working and I had no background maps. I was in navigation mode so the the turn by turn instructions were on the left side as well as in indicated blue path where the...
  43. hacer

    Navigation gone nuts

    I don't know if this was caused by the last update the other day or not but the navigation is plotting totally incorrect paths. It wants me to go the wrong way on one way streets and goes to the wrong location. The map shows the correct street names but ends on a totally different street than...
  44. Muzzman1

    Maps Update

    It's been quite a while since I've seen it , but I got a "you're maps are now up to date" notification. I wasnt on wifi at the time. This is my 1st notification in this car. It's an 89k VIN. Last car was an 34K VIN
  45. R

    Tesla Motors and street-mapping services

    Uber has recently acquired Microsoft's Bing mapping unit. Nokia will probably sell its HERE business to Audi, BMW and Daimler. Apple keeps expanding its Maps data and software. Google also invests massively in this area, notably via their acquisition of Waze. All these companies are said to work...
  46. Gabzqc

    Google Map with Netatmo weather station data and Superchargers

    Hi all, Not a programmer or engineer in any way, but would like to have a map where I can turn on and off different layers to check different data from around the world. -- NETATMO I currently have access to the Netatmo Weather Station map (home weather stations that upload their weather data...
  47. jcadman22

    Connectivity Issues?

    After updating to firmware v5.9 I have had several instances where the car is loosing its network connection. In all cases, the center screen displayed at least one bar of 3G service, but album art, maps, Slacker, anything requiring data, ceased functioning. I have noticed that the issue...
  48. Zapped

    NAVIGATION: Google Maps OK, Nav needs update

    2 years ago a new freeway opened in our area. I thought I'd try the navigation today. The Navigation directions did not show the freeway even though the Google maps displayed the road. Repeatedly told me to take another route. Anyone update the navigation maps system ?. Not sure if this is...