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  1. ammulder

    How does margin really work?

    Let's say I wanted to sell some puts periodically, hoping to make some cash without selling shares. Right now I have next to no spare cash in my brokerage account. Because, you know, I used it buying TSLA! :) I think I have heard people recommend selling out of the money puts on margin, when...
  2. CoastalCruiser

    What does 1% margin actually mean?

    OK. So a recent leaked employee email from Elon has him stating that the margin is currently around 1%. Right? Has anyone taken apart a recent financial report from Tesla that truly understands what that means? What is he including to arrive at the margin? Does that figure account for all of...
  3. G

    If Tesla can win 10% of the pickup market, they'll earn $20 billion per year

    The US pickup truck market is about 3 million trucks per year. With an average selling price of $65-70K, the Cybertruck could do more revenue than the Model 3 with only a 10% market share. And as the video explains, there are only 3 main truck competitors in America.
  4. T

    My Holding + Trading Approach

    I will share my approach on TSLA. It's easy to implement and worked well for me in the past. This "Holding + Trading" approach prevents me from buying high and selling low. 90% for long term investment. Buy and hold only, I expect many fold gain in the next 15 years. 20% for trading. It's for...
  5. F

    US$15.000 NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 supercomputer in every Tesla?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've been picking up, the new autonomous capabilities in every new Tesla vehicle are powered by an NVIDIA Drive PX 2 processing unit. Each unit is liquid cooled supercomputer and as powerful as "150 Macbook Pros" (quote from NVIDIA CEO at CES 2016). BUT...