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market cap

  1. jkirkwood001

    POLL: When will Tesla pass VW to become the 2nd most valuable auto manufacturer?

    I've been blown away by the rapid rise in Tesla's market capitalization since June 1, 2018, especially in comparison to the other global auto manufacturers. I have posted regular updates in this forum. As of today Jan 7th, Tesla (TSLA) is worth $84.7 B. VW (VOW), the second most valuable auto...
  2. traxila

    SpaceX market cap 33.5 billion. Would you buy?

    Yes, the company is private and only available to a very select few. But would you be buying at this level if the stock were public? Its accomplishments are unprecedented. BUT, SpaceX is a cash burning machine and the revenues to justify anything near this price are very much deferred until...
  3. D

    How much could Tesla dip into their 20B market cap?

    Newbie investment question really, but if Tesla really wanted to, how much could they dip into their 20 billion market cap they have for expanding their company (e.g.: building new factories, including that giga-size battery factory)? Could they just do it, or would they need 'permission' from...