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  1. A

    Need Your Help! Getting Word Out On New Marketing/sales Program

    I have a new sales/marketing program I want to pitch to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a Twitter user so I have no following. It would be awesome if you could view the...
  2. Fairchild

    Marketing and Taking Care of Owners

    Having a Model S and a Model X and a Model 3 on order, I have been a marketer for Tesla since Day One. I have spent hours each week showing my car to patients, colleagues, and Friends. I often give test rides and demonstrations after which many of my friends place orders. The initial Tesla...
  3. henderrj

    Generating Model S sales through Model 3 Reservations

    Given that many people, who could afford to do so, do not buy a Model S due to a visceral rejection of any display of luxury, and given that they will be enticed to order a Model 3, could a large portion of these people be lured into a temporary purchase of a Model S while waiting for the 3 to...
  4. D

    Tesla - The iPhone of Cars

    Does anyone know Tesla's marketing plan? I am from the Philadelphia Metro Area. George Blankenship knows how to save companies, I am excited to see them takeover the market!
  5. L

    pre-marketing communication

    Hi, I'm trying to find any marketing communication material of Tesla before the official launch. In particular how the first paying customers were recruited. I understand that these were recruited well BEFORE the vehicle was ready. I'm looking for whatever material, photos, videos, text...
  6. Cattledog

    Marketing Idea: Corporate Challenge

    I posted this on the company thread, thought I'd offer it up here for fodder. On my way to San Diego from San Antonio on Tuesday for business, I added a detour and flew to San Francisco to go to the Menlo Park showroom to see the Blue, Dolphin Grey, and Silver cars all together (last chance to...