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master charger

  1. M

    Superchanging but not charging at home

    Hi all! A little new here however been on the forums and how looked around a bit prior to this post. Currently on a 2012 model S P 85 with about 60,000 miles on it. so fun story, we have a home charger, an EV outlet installed and everything and we’ve been good to go for quite some time. As of...
  2. D

    Car Bricked - Master Charger to be Blamed?

    Last week our late 2014 Tesla Model S 85 with dual charger and roughly 56,000 miles would not start. The lights, windows and door handles were the only functioning parts of the car. Neither the driver display screen or center screen would turn on. The car was towed to Tesla and initially it was...
  3. sgblank

    Burlingame Calif Service Center

    Got the red ring of death on my Model S (car wouldn't charge). Service diagnosed it over the phone and said I likely have a bad master charger. My Palo Alto service center said they couldn't get me in or get me any type of a loaner for four days. The Burlingame service center said, "Come on...