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matrix headlights

  1. F

    Portugal - Technical Specs in new orders

    As the official Tesla stores cannot reply officially, it would be good to write here a list of new "hardware" that can be delivered to Portugal (or not) for every Tesla model, to understand if new orders in Portugal will receive, for example.... HW4? Matrix LED headlights? Battery type? To...
  2. S

    Matrix Headlights from China- are these fake?

    Hello, Tesla community! I have a 2020 M3 and wanted to retrofit the matrix headlights. Decided to order them from China (around 170$ each). The car has been taken to an unauthorized workshop to get them retrofitted. Unfortunately even after being "programmed" they cannot get calibrated. The...
  3. tmoz

    MY Matrix Lights vs Reflector Lights? Did Tesla get it right?

    I've read "general" reviews about matrix vs reflector. It sounds like "if done correctly, one would always want the matrix style". Is Tesla's current implementation great, or should one go with reflector until they get it right? Then I see some are doing laser headlights - I won't hold my breath...
  4. M

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues Feb 20223

    We just had to leave the dealership because the new vehicle model Y was non operational ( Dead like brick) during the delivery inspection process and had scratches on the front windshield ( it was advised that Tesla will replace it). We ended up without picking up the car today. Tech was...
  5. R

    Can I Upgrade to Matrix Headlights for 2023 LRMY After Delivery?

    I saw a thread here we were getting LRMY (not performance) 2022 late year with matrix headlights - likely due to supply chain constraints. That said, my question is, if I really want them, can I just pay to have Tesla upgrade them after I take delivery? Guess I should just ask the shop, but I...
  6. D

    Model Y matrix headlights

    Hello I have a U.K. Tesla Model Y dual motorbwhich I collected in December and am very happy with. Tesla have told me that matrix lights will be provided using an over the air update. Does anyone know if I have the correct lights fitted to “matrix”. Thanks!
  7. gregdeux

    black dot (bad pixel) in headlights (matrix)

    Tesla tells me to my surprise that the lights I have on my model y with a black dot in each light is completely normal and does not compromise safety. I'm quite surprised at my side because its 2 points visible on the photo form a shadowy area on the left side (left lane) and it always catches...
  8. Aaron14902

    Matrix Headlight Calibration Number of Clicks

    Has anyone who's got a 2022 MYP with Matrix headlights from Fremont know the number of clicks from factory to all the way down (or up)? I got recalibration mixed up with reset to level when it actually recalibrates to the current position. I lost count of the clicks. While I find time and space...
  9. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  10. G

    Matrix Headlights on LR Y?

    Has anyone seen this article? Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range - TeslaNorth.com More importantly, can anyone confirm if this is accurate? I’m waiting on delivery of a MY LR and getting matrix headlights would be welcome news.
  11. D

    Does my Model 3 LR have matrix headlights?

    My Model 3 LR was delivered about a month and a half ago. Is there an easy way to see if it was delivered with matrix headlights?
  12. tmruwart

    Matrix Headlights Brightness Issue

    I took delivery of a shiny new 2022 MYP in June and went on a road trip thru the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a couple weeks ago. One thing I experienced a lot was having oncoming cars flash their brights at me *thinking* my brights were on. Apparently, the Matrix Headlights are so bright that...
  13. J

    S vs X Matrix LED headlights

    Anyone know why the refreshed S production has had Matrix LED headlights for more than a month and the X hasn't gotten them yet? Are the S and X both produced in Fremont? So shouldn't they share many common supply chain and integration lines?
  14. S

    Refresh Model X Matrix Headlights?

    Anyone have any ideas if Model X's will change over to the newer Matrix Headlights too?
  15. lux_cars

    Matrix LED headlights finally coming to the US!

    NHTSA proposes to legalize 'matrix' adaptive LED headlights in the US