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  1. B

    Found lost charging adapter at a public station [in maui]

    I found a Tesla adapter left behind at a public charging station. If you can report where, when and what type of adapter you lost I'll return it to you.
  2. 8

    Any fellow Kihei & Wailea Tesla folks out there?

    I'm expecting my new baby (Model 3) by mid-December and would love to connect with some local South Maui (and the rest of the island, too) owners. Lots of questions about service experience, detailers, chargers and possible meetups etc.
  3. HAWX 12

    Model Y's in Hawaii

    Let's see those pics! Can we keep it simple though... Tell us- Model/options, Date Ordered, Date Delivered, What Island it's on, Favorite thing about your 'MY'! Try not to clog up the thread with questions, etc. And NO COVID DISCUSSIONS! We want to be happy!
  4. A

    May need to sell grey LR Model 3 w/FSD and less than 2k miles

    I took delivery in late August on Maui. In mid-September, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. We went to Seattle for a double mastectomy and she’s now 100% cancer free! But money is now extremely tight. She knows I LOVE the car and told me if I sold it would upset her and she’d feel...
  5. P

    New Owner in Hawaii. Any tips?

    Hello Tesla owners! I just put my order in for my Midnight Silver LR Model 3 here in Hawaii. My car is still on a ship heading to Oahu where it will stay for 5 days and then it'll ship out to me on Maui :D So I've been waiting years and years to get a Tesla and I thought that this was the time...
  6. D

    Tinting Windows.... in Maui

    There's a current thread with several options for Oahu. What about you Maui peeps? Any tinting places you recommend for a M3 on Maui? What should I expect to pay??
  7. aollivierre

    On Vacation

    It’s pretty bad as I sit at a beautiful resort on Maui at the Four Seasons and I am thinking, would of been cool if I would brought my Tesla with me to Maui? Lol
  8. Polly Wog

    The Road to Haleakala Crater - Maui, Hawaii

    "The Road to Hana" gets most of the publicity here on Maui, but as far as I'm concerned, "The Road to Haleakala Crater" is a lot more fun for Model S owners. As part of testing my LTE upgrade in my "Classic" Model S, I did the drive on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 to test out the map loading and...